Dell’s your computer if you like to snap photos of naked fat guys farting (with video)

Via The Loop by Jim Dalrymple & Peter Cohen, a 3:30 video profiling Clayton Sotos from Dell’s new ‘Visual Innovators’ series.

“Renowned photographer Clayton Sotos is the first Innovator for our new ‘Visual Innovators’ series,” Dell’s “Visual Innovators” Vimeo channel explains.

Dell exhorts: Follow his artistic process as he gathers inspiration from city life.

MacDailyNews Take: If not a hoax, this vid is designed expressly to go viral, but horribly misconceived. It plays exactly like a pre-recorded SNL parody.

BTW: Apple should sue to have that iPhone 4S in Sotos’ hand pixellated beyond recognition. God only knows what Sotos is pinching and zooming.

[UPDATE: 5:01pm ET: Dell disavows: “This video is in no way affiliated with Dell, but it’s great to see creative professionals get inspiration from using our products. Our program is all about celebrating people who take their own professional path. Regarding this parody, we consider imitation to be the sincerest form of flattery.”]

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dale S.” for the heads up.]


  1. And who the heck would take the advice of an ugly-as-sin chain-smoking guy with snot hanging out of his nose? He had no personality, no warmth, no friendly smile, nothing that would make me want to explore a Dell. And of course the subject of his photo shoot – photos of dust being blown into the air by flatulence? Give me a break! Dell has truly hit (round) rock bottom with this one. What’s next? A video of a Dell-inspired colonoscopy?

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