Google races to patent Siri-like TV voice commands

“Google is now known to have applied for a patent that could give Google TV natural language voice commands of its own,” Electronista reports.

“The method would use a smartphone or tablet as a voice remote, optionally using a technique similar to Google Translate or Apple’s Siri where the commands are uploaded to a server and then deciphered,” Electronista reports. “It could be used for searching both TV and local content, and could send information to more than one computer or device on the network.”

Electronista reports, “The patent has seen an uncharacteristically quick application process and has gone from an initial filing on September 29 to a published, though not granted, listing just late last week. While it’s unlikely Google was directly aware, its application came just days before Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S and helped take voice commands mainstream. Multiple rumors have suggested that Apple was working on a Siri-powered TV set that would go one step further than Google’s proposal and let TV owners talk directly instead of through a proxy device.”

Read more in the full article here.

Jack Purcher reports for Patenly Apple, “The new remote will use voice controls associated with Google’s own cloud services. The user will be able to use their Android Phone as the remote to make inquiries about TV shows and the TV will list what’s available.”

“Apple has had a similar feature under Remote for several years now, but it doesn’t relate to live TV as Google’s will,” Purcher reports. “Google’s real competitor on this particular front will come from Samsung who just announced their latest TV remote with voice controls and a touch pad.”

Much more in the full article, including Google’s patent application illustrations, here.


  1. “Google Races…”?

    So do you think Apple has been just sitting on its hands for the last 2-3 years filing no Siri type applications?

    It is more like “Google snoozes.”

  2. Good luck using this against Apple Googke clowns. I love how you hypocrites hated patents until you purchased them and suddenly they are your best friend you thrives and scummy spies.

    What an awful company Google has turned out to be.

  3. To be fair… Google probably still hates patents but has found them necessary to protect itself. You can patent even little things, so that now it has become quite difficult to innovate without someone coming after you for their share of the pie.

    1. Yeah… Google hates patents and hates this and hates that… you are right… Google hates! period!

      But don’t forget that Apple is not a fan of patent either until they realized people are taking advantage of Apple’s innovation… in this case being it Goolge!!! The hater…. the thieves… the pretenders… Google is just a big advertising agency that uses technology for their benefit… they are no saints or angels.

  4. Google is desperate now as they see their near monopoly and control over search starts to slip through their fingers and they, like Microsoft, become irrelevant. And like any desperate cornered creature does anything it needs to do to survive, evil notwithstanding. Fortunately Apple is years ahead patenting their technology’s. Nice try Google, you will FAIL

    1. I don’t think it so much that G’s market share for search is slipping as it is a saturated market and does not offer hope of growth. Thus G is desperate to find the Next Big Thing and is shooting off wildly in all directions.

  5. Google: Patently Evil

    How did an internet search company selling advertising get to be on a collision course with Apple?
    Ask the Pink Cowboy- Eric T Mole

    1. BEST question — well asked NIC

      sititng on the board of APPLE – the mole DISAGREED with the ideas APPLE had and started a project of his own.

      AL GORE also – decides to make stupid interactive projects and CLAIMS it his. BS

      THEY TOOK a BITE of the APPLE at their OWN risk.
      GOOD LUCK mole man.

  6. Patents are not generally published by the patent office until 18 months after filing so Google has not been racing to patent voice and this is not recent.

    Google acquired SageTV back in June of 2011.

    I’m sure Apple’s Siri has led to meetings and some plans have changed but the patent filing for voice by Google is likely part of a broader plan for the next rev of Google TV and has been in the works for some time.

    If anyone filed a voice patent today as a reaction to Siri we probably will not know about it for close to two years.

  7. APPLE is said to be such a SECRETIVE company…

    ON Steves death bed the word was clear and openly spread… that SIRI might be used fro TV…

    THEN we hear SAMSUNG has voice down now on tv – and google said voice what the hell need voice for on a cellphone – no big deal…

    SEEMS it is.

    AND APPLE will do it all better then all of them.

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