Apple’s iPad trademark battle moves to Shanghai

“Apple Inc’s trademark battle moves to one of China’s richest cities on Wednesday when a Shanghai court will deliberate a request by troubled technology company Proview to halt the sale of iPads across the city,” Melanie Lee reports for Reuters.

“Previous court rulings have covered specific retailers in smaller cities, but a Shanghai order, if imposed, would eat into one of Apple’s biggest markets in China, which is home to three of its five flagship stores in China,” Lee reports. “‘This is a court in Shanghai which means that it has jurisdiction, and its order should be observed in Shanghai, which is one of the biggest cities and biggest markets for Apple iPads in China,’ said Kenny Wong, head of Mayer Brown’s intellectual property practice in Hong Kong.

Lee reports, “Apple disputes Proview’s ownership of the trademark, saying it bought the trademark from Proview in 2009. The firm has appealed the Shenzhen judgment with a higher court hearing set for Feb 29 in China’s southern province of Guangdong.”

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  1. So Shanghai is home to 3 of 5 flagship stores. Isn’t this stretching the definition of “flagship” a little bit? What’s the diff between a “flagship” store and a regular store (whatever a “non-flagship” store is called)?

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