RUMOR: Foxconn lands Amazon orders for 10-inch Kindle Fire due in Q212

“Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) has obtained ODM orders for 10-inch Kindle Fire from Amazon and will begin shipments in the second quarter of 2012,” Aaron Lee and Adam Hwang report for DigiTimes.

“Wistron is likely to start ODM production of Nook Tablet for Barnes & Noble, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” Lee and Hwang report. “Quanta Computer and Inventec are the current ODMs of the 7-inch Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet respectively, the sources pointed out.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Junk in a bigger box.

MacDailyNews Note: Today is Washington’s Birthday in the U.S.A., a federal holiday and, as such, the U.S. markets are closed for the day. We will resume our normal posting schedule tomorrow.

Washington’s Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

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  1. Will Amazon ever release numbers sold?….*nope.*
    Will this help Android?….*nope.*
    Will this help Googles or Amazon’s bottom line?…*nope.*
    Will this alleviate fragmentation of Android?…*nope.*

    Will this play into Apple’s hands?…*Too fricken right it will.*

  2. I am wondering what is the internal product code name for Amazon’s 10″ Kindle Fire… “Seattle Hooker” , “Fake Boob” , “Google’s Pimp”…or … 🙂

    1. Has anyone noticed that the people insisting that the iPad size should be bigger/smaller (different) never provide a reason why?
      “So, do you like this car?”
      “Yes, but does it come red?”
      “Do you want it in red?”
      “No, I just thought it might look good in red.”
      “Well then, no, it does not come in red.”

      1. Ann I would like and expect to see a larger iPad, as I have said many times before, because it would make it easier to do design and artwork among many other things. I expect to see laptop and desktop sized iPads for all kinds of professional work and for entertainment. I think my current iPad is great, but it would be easier to do these things on a larger screen.

        So I think their will be a range of sizes permitting, all but you, to select the sizes that work for them.

        II am not expecting smaller sized iPads, basd upon Steve’s perspective, but Apple may have found a need that I haven’t considered.

  3. It’s President’s Day, not Washington’s Birthday. But I figured MDN wouldn’t call it that, because Republicans refuse to call it President’s Day while a Democrat is the President.

    1. actually the federal holiday is and always has been washington’s birthday. some states call it presidents’ day, but the federal government just moved washington’s birthday observance to a monday for a three day weekend. i think even wikipedia has this right.

    1. That’s what I was thinking — what is going to be the price of this device? Even losing money it can’t undercut the cost of an iPad by that much or else Amazon will be hurting its 7″ Kindle. If Amazon loses more $ on the bigger one, then they’d prefer to sell more of the smaller ones. If they lose the same amount (rumored to be $50), perhaps this 10″ Kindle sells for $350? What happens if Apple keeps selling the existing iPad 2 for $399 when 3 comes out at $499? Seems like a loser deal all the way around (customers and Amazon).

  4. What the hell does the market’s being closed for the day have to do with the availability of Apple and Mac news? I wasn’t aware that things stopped happening in the Apple world when they closed the stock market.


  5. This is obviously just one more step toward producing an iPad substitute. Amazon isn’t going to limit its Fire to its current status of electronic catalog for Amazon merchandise.

    Experts say the iPad/tablet market will eventually be larger than the PC market, so all major computer makers and a few others (such as Amazon) are going to participate in this market despite a year or two of unprofitable operations. The opportunity is too great to ignore.

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