Next-gen iPad to feature more tapered edge, 8-megapixel camera, photos show

“NextMedia / Apple Daily claims to have received the following photos and information through ‘special channels.’ The photo shows what is claimed to be an overview shot of the new iPad 3 back enclosure as well as a comparison shot between the original iPad, the iPad 2 and the New iPad,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“The iPad 3 enclosure seems to have a more gradual taper to the edges than the iPad 2,” Kim reports. “The absolute positioning of the camera doesn’t seem that far off from the iPad 2, but the lens does appear larger. According to NextMedia, the new iPad 3 camera will see a significant upgrade to 8 megapixels.”

Read more – and see the photos – in the full article here.


  1. it was obvious that the 8 megapixel (Sony 8 lens cam) would appear in the new iPAD3 since it was placed into the iPhone4s.

    When will they UPGRADE the from cam as well?

    1. Unlikely – okay… but does not explain what a A5X processor is. A6 dual core would have been better no?

      I am thinking a DUAL A6 will be offered in the higher end model. While the lower end gets a A5X to handle the higher retina screen. YET still hoping for a QUAD core to FROG LEAP Samsungs base A15 being added shortly.

  2. This is why you ain’t seen nothing yet in terms of iPad sales when the iPad 3 comes out. These new features will for even more new buyers and upgraders be the “straw that broke the camels back” in sales. Using my many Macs and iPad 1 this morning and thinking about these new products coming out I can only say “God bless Steve Jobs & Apple.”

    1. BINGO thats so damn RIGHT – the iPAD deserves a good quality FRONT FACING cam… HD or NOT – something higher then 1.3 Megapixel. it would even be COOL to had a tiny ADJUSTABLE angle.

      1. poor ‘engrish’ and in need of an editor… lol

        It would also be rather sweet if APPLE made the lens ‘pivotable’; so one could adjust the front facing cam.

      2. WATERLILY, I just can’t STAND the manner in which you CAPITALIZE your POSTS. If you are attempting to EMPHASIZE something then try MARKING the term with “*” or using basic HTML tags for bold and italics.

        1. Interesting and very confident assertion – $100 price reduction for a new iPad 3 model with twice the storage? You apparently do not believe that Apple will continue marketing the iPad 2 as a low-cost alternative to the iPad 3, as it has done with the iPhone. Instead, you postulate a low-cost iPad 3 using a variant of the A5 processor…

          To me, that seems like too much fragmentation of the product line. To date, Apple has maintained a set of fixed specs (processor, camera, display, etc.) across the iPad lineup with only two differentiators – amount of storage (16, 32, 64) and the choice of WiFi or WiFi + 3G/GPS. I could see Apple keeping a model of the iPad 2 around as a low-cost option. But I don’t believe that Apple will change their basic formula for the iPad 3.

          Time will tell.

    1. Touchscreen, half the weight and half the thickness due to the absence of components like the keyboard; this combination allows you to hold and personally interact with the device using your hands rather than manipulation by trackpad from your lap or a table. The decision is a question of which experience you prefer, not which device is better.

    2. Jafo, Apple sold over 15M iPads in the holiday quarter, and that was just after the most recent upgrade to the MBA in July 2011. The two products are not exclusive – I have an MBA and I intend to buy an iPad 3.

      The iPad 3 will sell quite well even after new releases of the MBA and MBP arrive. You can count on that.

    1. 2012 was said to hold a great number of new products for APPLE fans. With these gradual updates like iPhone4s — the features and speeds are nice… but it I think we all want to be blown away. WAIT and SEE.

  3. “more gradual taper to the edges than the iPad 2,”
    Based on this quote, should the headline read “LESS tapered edge”?

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