OS X Mountain Lion sneak peek video

Apple today released a developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion, the ninth major release of the world’s most advanced operating system, which brings popular apps and features from iPad to the Mac and accelerates the pace of OS X innovation.

Mountain Lion introduces Messages, Notes, Reminders and Game Center to the Mac, as well as Notification Center, Share Sheets, Twitter integration and AirPlay Mirroring. Mountain Lion is the first OS X release built with iCloud in mind for easy setup and integration with apps. The developer preview of Mountain Lion also introduces Gatekeeper, a revolutionary security feature that helps keep you safe from malicious software by giving you complete control over what apps are installed on your Mac.

The preview release of Mountain Lion is available to Mac Developer Program members starting today. Mac users will be able to upgrade to Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store in late summer 2012.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. hmm…getting people used to the iPad, then making those features familiar in the OS is a masterstroke for a Halo effect into business.

    Now, make it play nice with Exchange, SharePoint, and run windows apps without the Windows OS, and Dell/HP will never sell another computer.

  2. I see Apple’s strategy here, and it’s pretty clever. Apple is not really giving us a major “OS” update. Mountain Lion is really Lion, but bundled with significant (and meaningful) new apps.

    Therefore, the stability of the underlying OS is maintained; it’s not like starting over again at “dot nothing.” Apple is building on 10.7.3 (it might be 10.7.4 or 5 by release time), but instead of calling it “10.7.x plus a bunch of cool new apps,” it is “10.8” with a new big cat name.

    With this strategy, Apple can do this every year.

      1. Not exactly. Kind of the opposite, actually.

        Snow Leopard was a significant change to the underlying OS, while keep the user functionally mostly the same. For one thing, support for PowerPC Macs was removed.

        Mountain Lion seems to keep the underlying OS mostly the same, while adding significant new features to user functionality.

      1. I wouldn’t box Siri into only working for television and phones.. here is an example:

        I want the Knowledge Navigator aka Siri…

        “Siri’s for the TV. Computers have inputs. Keyboards. Trackpads.”

        My iMac has a mic input, too. Think different, lol.

  3. Number 1 Feature Request:
    A checkbox in Control Panel to TURN OFF versioning of documents/files and the attendant bloat associated with it. Dialog Save – not save a version needs to come along for the ride.

    Siri isn’t there for a number of reasons unless you want to start wearing a headset for voice recognition. The voice recognition technology for Siri is licensed from Nuance which does not work well with a display mounted microphone. This is why Dragon Dictate uses a headset or offers use of an iOS device as an input device. The problem is background noise.

    1. Wrong I don’t want your supposed “Number 1” feature. Versions rocks and shouldn’t be changed just for a minority such as you.

      I want Siri on my iMac.

      Like I said to Mikey Robson above, I have a mic input so I’m fine (a mic doesn’t necessarily have to be on the head). The noise in my home office environment isn’t loud so there would be no issue.

  4. Number 1 Feature Request:
    A checkbox in Control Panel to TURN OFF versioning of documents/files and the attendant bloat associated with it. Dialog Save – not save a version needs to come along for the ride.”

    Agree, its my computer, I want total control of the timing of all Saves. Its a working tool for me, not a game console where the results are meaningless entertainment.

    Not that I am knocking that for those who like it. I play MetalStorm on my iPhone and enjoy it.

    But my Mac is where I make my living. Apple;Don’t mess with it unless you can prove to me specifically how and why a change will help me.

    1. Here’s an idea kenh.. instead of changing versions on Mac OS X LIon, you can downgrade back to Mac OS X Snow Leopard instead. No “annoying” versions then. If it’s such a critical working tool for you, you should have done your research on the OS before installing it.

      Most people find versions a great addition to Mac OS X Lion.

      1. The Law of Unintended Consequences cannot show itself until an operating system, or anything else for that matter, gets out operating in the wild.

        No amount of Beta testing can simulate that. Unless you never go out of Beta.

        I dont disagree that most people don’t have a problem with it. Most people don’t make their living on a Mac. Given the economy these days, no one in any business can tolerate even a 10% increase in the cost of doing business. Over a period of time, this particular situation for me will most likely become less as I acclimate to the need for more “clicks” per project, but I think it was change for the sake of change, a problem that society at large is paying for now in so many ways.

        Not practical to go back to Snow Leopard, learning to live with it, hopefully the issues that are being talked about in many forums will be addressed in updates. Just bought a new Mini last week, my techs don’t think I could go back, but in any case I can’t invest the experimental time to do it.

        We should have the ability to tailor the system to our “Save” needs. We would be harming no one else if we could do it our way on the systems we own and paid for.

        I read somewhere that the File/Folder analogy will remain in some form. Glad to hear it. Adapt, adjust and overcome.

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