Stifel cuts rating on Dell; says Apple encroaching more on Dell’s core PC business

“Stifel Nicolaus analyst Shaw Wu this morning cut his rating on Dell to Underperform from Neutral, setting a price target of $15, well below the stock’s Tuesday close at $18.04.” Eric Savitz reports for Forbes.

“On the competitive front, he contends that Dell is ‘sandwiched between lower-cost players (Lenovo and Acer) and Apple encroaching more in its core PC business as Macs and iPads gain share,'” Savitz reports. “DELL this morning is down 23 cents, or 1.3%, to $17.81.”

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MacDailyNews Take: SIDAGTMBTTS.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. OH man, his day must be going absolutely chipper right now – first, he was told that apple is now worth 15x what he is worth, then his stock ratings go down.

        Mikey, cry yourself a river, because I have no tears for you. Only laughter.

  1. It isn’t just Dell that’s feeling the heat. HP is in a bad way as well. It’s their enterprise (servers) that keeps HP’s PC business alive.

    Apple’s strategy to suck the oxygen (profits) out of the industry is working beautifully. The only space where Apple competitors sell is in lost cost machines. Nobody sells for less than Lenovo and Acer. So firms like Dell and HP are being squeezed from the top (Apple) and the bottom (Lenovo and Acer). The middle ground is disappearing.

  2. The real story will be the Wall Street crowd strangling Dell to death, because as Masters of the Universe only they know how to ‘manage’ Dell’s crisis. Dell has nothing to offer the market, and I doubt Wall Street has the balls or confidence to give Dell a shot at trying to bring something new to the marketplace.mind you, like RIM maybe they’ll support a marketing campaign. DCW.

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