Apple’s iPad vastly outsells Samsung’s iPad wannabes in Korea

“Sales of the iPad are estimated to have topped 1 million in Korea since the tablet debuted in the country in November 2010, according to the Korea Herald. Last year’s sales alone hit around 700,000,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“And since many Koreans bought the iPad before it was available locally, the total could be much higher than 1 million, noted the Herald,” Whitney reports. “Samsung is shy about releasing actual sales figures. But the iPad’s share of the Korean market is somewhere between 70 and 80 percent, far outstripping that of the various Galaxy Tab models as well as other Android devices.”

Whitney reports, “The news is likely to put a smile of the faces of the higher-ups at Apple, which has been competing with Samsung on a variety of fronts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nobody wants pretend iPads. They want real iPads.


    1. Yeah you look at the prices of those things even at Costco for a 7″ piece of total Shamsuck crap and any idiot should know to stay clear of those minefields of mediocrity. (Apple Haters richly deserve these fourth class alternatives for their lack of vision.) For nearly the same money you can have a much larger display and huge jump in quality and ecosystem in an iPad. Can’t wait for iPad 3. Sales for those I think will astonish even those expecting huge sales.

  1. “Samsung”….. “Hello SAMSUNG!”

    Stop trying to be like Apple and be like Samsung! Stick to toy mobile devices, washers, refrigerators, televisions and microwave ovens.

    The Korean people deserve a better company than the shame that you are.

  2. Didn’t Korea Telecom buy 15,000 iPads? Aren’t they in the Top-3 of corporate iPad buyers? People don’t know how big a deal the iPhone and now the iPad were in Korea. It’s shocking considering how closed that market has been. How many other international companies have had success in Korea, going up against Samsung and LG?

  3. I wonder what the fandroids have to say about that even in their own country, SameDung is still trailing like the dung laying on the ground while the steed called Apple is far in front.

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