Apple stock surges past $500; market value nears $500 billion

“Apple, whose price hit $500 for the first time on Monday, could be the first company ever to reach a trillion dollar valuation,” Bertha Coombs reports for CNBC. “The tech giant’s valuation is now nearly halfway to the 10-figure mark, with speculation Apple will launch iTV later this year driving shares to new record highs.”

“The company’s valuation is about $460 billion — roughly $8 billion more than the market caps percent of Google ($198 billion) and Microsoft ($257 billion) combined,” Coombs reports. “If Apple shares continue to hit new record levels, its market cap will reach $500 billion when the price reaches $537. Still, shares will need to rise another $100 above that level to put Apple in contention for the most expensive company ever.”

Coombs reports that Microsoft “still holds the record for the most expensive valuation. Its market cap closed out 1999 at just over $600 billion according to Standard and Poor’s, before peaking north of $650 billion during the tech bubble in 2000.”

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MacDailyNews Take: To the moon, Alice, to the moon!


    1. If you can’t tell the difference between the criminally predatory behavior of Microsoft and Apple protecting their IP, you’re just not paying attention. Apple has no moral equivalent to “shut off their air supply” and “knife the baby.”

  1. It’s strange that Apple is being seen as the bully considering Android has the largest smartphone market share. I guess that’s just human nature. One would think that Google should easily be able to make the changes to Android that Apple is asking and still sell a lot of smartphones. After all, I think that Android smartphone vendors are selling a lot of Android smartphones because they cost less than iPhones and there are more hardware variations available. As an example, if Android smartphones didn’t use a “slide to lock” gesture would that really hurt Android smartphone sales? I doubt it. Google could just do it another way and users probably wouldn’t even care.

    1. Of course, movies and shows that glorify drugs, murder, theft and rape these days are just called entertainment.

      People are quick to point out the flaws of the past but don’t think anything is wrong with what we’re entertained with today.

    2. “It’s strange that Apple is being seen as the bully considering Android has the largest smartphone market share.”

      As of the last quarter, that is not true. iOS has the largest market share.

  2. MDN: You’re probably too young to know this, but the quote “to the moon, Alice” is from the Honeymooners and is drenched in misogyny and domestic violence: Ralph was always threatening to beat Alice (belt her one to send her to the moon) whenever she got out of line. It got laughs in the 50’s. Today, it would be considered spousal abuse.

    I, too, hope Apple’s shares continue to rise “to the moon”, but without any implied violence.

  3. I have to say this. I can’t resist. it’s a bit graphic, sorry.
    What the Wall Street guys are doing there right now.
    They wanna be the cool guys, wear expensive suits and shoes, take a lot of drugs and Kool Aid to show off in hotel lobbies clubs and what have u.
    but then when it’s about crossing the 500 $ mark, they behave like school boys caressing the girl’s buttyhole instead of just sticking it in.
    So. all I wanted to say. Wimps. Losers.

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