Nielsen: Samsung’s Super Bowl ad that mocked Apple iPhone users forgotten by most viewers

The Super Bowl showdown taking place during the game’s commercial breaks emerged with a clear winner this year: Doritos. According to Nielsen, the “Sling Baby” ad earned the rare distinction of both the most memorable and best-liked ad, while “Man’s Best Friend” also had a very strong showing in the top one-third of both lists. M&M’s “Just my Shell,” featuring LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” joined Doritos in rounding out the top three. However, Super Bowl ads are arguably all winners: on average, they are 34 percent more memorable and 42 percent better liked than commercials that aired in January 2012.

The commercials joining the ranks of the Nielsen Top 10 Most-Remembered and Best-Liked Ads came from familiar brands that also were able to generate a large share of Super Bowl advertising buzz before and during the game. According to NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company, Pepsi had the most buzz among Super Bowl advertisers on game day; Coca-Cola, M&M’s, and Doritos also followed with a significant share of social media discussion.

The most-liked ads spanned a variety of categories, including food and beverage, financial services, and auto. Excluding Chrysler’s ad featuring Clint Eastwood, which touched on pushing through tough economic times, all of the most liked ads included humor.

Nielsen Top 10 Most-Remembered 2012 Super Bowl Ads
 Nielsen Top 10 Most-Remembered 2012 Super Bowl Ads
Source: Nielsen, 2/7/12

Nielsen Top 10 Best-Liked 2012 Super Bowl Ads
Nielsen Top 10 Best-Liked 2012 Super Bowl Ads
Source: Nielsen, 2/7/12

The Recall score is the percentage of viewers who can Recall the brand of an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing the Super Bowl. These scores are then indexed against the average score for all Super Bowl ads (Recall Index). 100 equals average. For example, with a Recall Index of 177, the Doritos “Sling Baby” ad was 77% better-recalled than the average Super Bowl spot.

The Likeability score is the percentage of viewers who report to like “a lot” an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing the Super Bowl, among those recalling the brand of the ad. These scores are then indexed against the average score for all Super Bowl ads (Likeability Index). 100 equals average. For example, with a Likeability Index of 190, the Doritos “Sling Baby” ad was almost twice as liked compared to the average Super Bowl spot.

Notes: The Top 10 lists are based on 11,873 surveys of Super Bowl viewers; 62 unique national creative executions (excluding Movie spots) during Q1-4 and Halftime were considered for the list.

Source: The Nielsen Company

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  1. Money well-spent, Samsung. Just like all the money you’re spending on lawsuits seeking unfair, unreasonable and discriminatory terms on patents you’ve pledged to make available on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

  2. It was a sh_t ad.
    The ad basically said nothing.
    A load of hype – thinking – next big thing is a pen.

    FREEDOM – WE GOT A PEN – dance sing shout over that sh_t?

    No innovation Samsung – sinking – yeah – we like your strategy and love that you’re teaming with the losers – so have a pepsi with Balmer.

  3. It was also pretty stupid to show a line of people waiting to get an iPhone. About as stupid as those “Laptop Hunter” ads from Microsoft a few years ago that told existing Windows users that they should (at least) consider getting a Mac by visiting an Apple Store.

  4. I loved the part where the helpless, enslaved mac-lemming joyously shouted “FREEDOM!!!” as he bolted from the prison of the next-iPhone line.

    Thank goodness Samsung is here to free us from the tyranny of devices we REALLY LIKE, with their revolutionary pen-based mini-pad.

    1. That particular moment in an era now gone by would have been called… aahhh… I know… I know… it’ll come to me… it’s on the tip of my tongue…

      Oh yes! It was known as a…

      Kodak Moment!

      Remember that anyone?

  5. Samsung advertising is highly effective.

    This fall they ran the first apple mocking ad… a “we’re #2 for people who think different” kinda thing.

    And indeed they became the solid #2…. THE android alternative to iphone.

    (Pay no attention to the fact that they were temporarily #1 before the ad!!!)

    First MS and now Samsung, copying without a clue. You mock your competitor when their #1 and you’re a distant #2.. and you’re trying to pick off the disaffected. When you’re so far behind that there’s no harm in admitting the other is the leader.

    Can you imagine Apple advertising against Samsung or Android. Even admitting that they exist??? (And remember when we worried if Apple even knew how to operate in the #1 position…)

    The takeaways from Samsung advertising include “Apple is the leader.” And on cue, enterprises, yes ENTERPRISES, are adopting iOS as the mobile standard.

    Live long enough and you’ll see everything….

      1. Yes, sure, Apple admitted there was a windows in the other computers, but they made sure we got to realize very quickly that the windows don’t belong in the PC, they belong in the walls, where they let us see the weather, and let in the sun, rather than keeping us in darkness.

  6. Recall index is disproportionally high amongst MDN readers. Likability index is disproportionally low. The bloody vengeance index (aka Samdung, I will never buy your crap again) is proportional to the insult.

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