Samsung Super Bowl ad mocks Apple iPhone users

Samsung Mobile USA aired a 90-second TV commercial during the Super Bowl yesterday. The air buy itself reportedly cost US$10.5 million. The cost of the ad itself, directed by one half of the Farrelly brothers, Bobby Farrelly, is unknown.

The ad, featuring the British glam rock band The Darkness, advertised Samsung’s Galaxy Note, a mobile device with a 5.3-inch display and a 1990s-era stylus that retails for $300 with a two-year AT&T Mobility contract.

MacDailyNews Take: Cute ad, Samsung, but your desperation is showing. Bill Gates is on line 2, he wants his stylus back.

Who wants a stylus? You have to get ‘em and put ‘em away, and you lose ‘em. Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus. We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world. We’re going to use a pointing device that we’re all born with — born with ten of them. We’re going to use our fingers. We’re going to touch this with our fingers.Steve Jobs, January 9, 2007

If you think a $300 oversized pretend iPhone with a fscking stylus is really going to cause one person to leave the iPhone 5 line, you must think that it’s fine and dandy to slavishly copy other companies’ products by stealing their patented IP, that it’s smart to permanently alienate a company’s millions of customers while advertising a device that would not even exist without said company, that it’s okay to commit rampant trade dress infringement with virtually every piece of plastic crap that you churn out, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to have to sew oversized pockets on all of your clothes in order to house a stupidly gigantic stylus-holder that does nothing but further fragment and bastardize a platform that’s already fragmented and bastardized beyond repair.

As the ad rolled live, a mobile developer in the room muttered, “More bullshit to ignore.”

As we wrote when this ad campaign first appeared, “What this ad screams to us is that Samsung is concerned with keeping the sheep they have in the pen. “Don’t wander!” That’s all this particular ad is about. Siri’s siren call has created some very restless sheep and that obviously has Samsung spooked.”

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    1. Beyond cheesy, SD was dissing the intelligence of iPhone owners. This is a sign of a very desperate company using desperate tactics to avoid being desperately irrelevant.

      1. You know, when the ad first started rolling with those lines, I thought they were people lined up at bus stops in different cities. No interest. I got up to visit the john and had no idea what it was about until later when one of the folks watching explained it to me.

  1. A stylus may have advantages in terms of actually writing, which you can’t really do with your finger (at a normal size anyway), yet all they use it for is circling a map and scribbling on a picture!

        1. The problem with a stylus is that it shouldn’t be a *requirement* — having one as an option isn’t a bad deal. I just got a Jot pen for my iPad and it’s great for drawing and handwriting.

          Jobs was right to not include one. If he had, third party developers would have written their apps to depend on it and that would have been terrible.

  2. Stylus = Your father’s father’s Oldsmobile. Oh yeah, gonna hop right on that trend. It’s so great the first time you lose your stylus as I remember from my Palm Pilot daze some 20-25 years ago. Waitaminute, that sucked!!!!

    1. Use a stylus and your screen stays nice and clean. Like I posted above- using a finger for everything is like doing calligraphy with a fat crayon.

  3. If a stylus doesn’t have software to make it more efficient at data entry than a keyboard, then it just isn’t a solution. All the Super Bowl ads were a bit meh.

    They could’ve given me 10.3 million dollars instead.

    1. Come back when you know what you’re talking about. FRAND patents are pledged to an industry standard and are available for use by anyone for a nominal fee. Motorola violated the terms of the standard and of FRAND patents when it tried to hold up Apple for a 2.2% royalty. That’s just plain stupid and a probable violation of anti-trust laws.

      As far as stealing, name me one smart phone that you can distinguish from an iPhone at 10 feet. All the other manufacturers have shamelessly and illegally copied Apple’s look and touch control system, which are not FRAND patents. Those are private patents that Apple owns. But you go right ahead and defend blatant thievery.

    2. You’re the simple one, for being incapable of understanding why there’s an issue between Apple and Motorola. Trying to force one company to pay more for licence rights to industry critical patents than others already pay is utterly immoral, and Moto need to be slapped about and brought into line.

  4. Yeah, people who leave Apple for Samsung are idiots who think some 70s hair band bozo is a musician. Talk about sheep. People who would leave iOS for Android is the ultimate expression of sophistry.

    1. Not a 70’s hair band, that is Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, a glam metal band from England. They’ve been around about 10 years. They are awesome.

      I dont blame them for taking the money for the ad. The product will still suck.

      1. I’m afraid The Darkness are a pathetic joke that had worn thin before the first album came out, a third-rate Spinal Tap that should remain dead and buried. As someone who saw his first live band 41 years ago, and numbers Pink Floyd, (Wish You Were Here tour), Led Zeppelin, (Physical Graffiti tour), Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Steely Dan, among many, many other bands seen over the years, I have a pretty good idea what makes an awesome band, and The Darkness fail on so many levels.

      2. Awesomeness in Norfolk, UK is a very rare thing. Just some bright local lads who rode limited talent via pre-packaged hype to minor glam-rock riches. Good luck to them.
        Now seeing Led Zeppelin at Leeds uni in ’71, now that was awesome.

        1. Not being a Fanboi makes me a troll?

          Hate to tell you, but Apple isn’t always right and has been known to eff up. The last Snow Leopard update FUBARed the Rosetta functionality of Mac OS and Safari is an eternal beta and has been unstable in recent versions.

          Maybe you think we should fellate and worship Apple- I do not.

          1. Wow you really seem to have a comprehension issue; I said your trolls; i.e. your “Why would I need a tablet to draw a circle on a map?” was an obvious (albeit lame) attempt to troll for responses.
            I never called you a troll (though, if the shoe fits…)

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