Tim Cook touts Apple’s charitable contributions at all-hands Town Hall meeting

“Apple CEO Tim Cook held a town hall meeting last week to celebrate Apple’s record quarter, and in addition to giving employees deep discounts on Apple products, we’re now hearing that he spent quite a bit of time focusing on Apple’s charitable contributions,” Nilay Patel reports for The Verge.

“According to our sources, Cook said that Apple has donated a total of $50 million to Stanford’s hospitals, split into $25 million for a new main building and $25 million for a new children’s hospital,” Patel reports. “Cook also spent quite a bit of time talking about Apple’s status as the leading contributor to Product RED, and expressed pride that Apple’s given over $50 million to the effort since it started.”

Patel reports, “That’s a marked contrast from the tenure of Steve Jobs, who faced numerous questions about his philanthropic efforts during his life and, according to the new book Inside Apple, reportedly once told employees that giving away money was a waste of time.”

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        1. Talk about clueless self serving. Trying to re-write history that you have no clue about.

          I can give you great insight on what you can do with your Tea Bags.

          (Obama 2012)

        2. “Here’s another post for you lost-cause Libs:
          Gallup state numbers predict huge landslide loss for Obama – February 1, 2012”

          The link is to the Washington Examiner:
          “When Anschutz started the Examiner in its current format, he envisioned creating a conservative competitor to The Washington Post. According to Politico.com, “When it came to the editorial page, Anschutz’s instructions were explicit — he ‘wanted nothing but conservative columns and conservative op-ed writers,’ said one former employee.” The Examiner’s conservative writers include Byron York (National Review), Michael Barone (American Enterprise Institute, Fox News), and David Freddoso (National Review, author of The Case Against Barack Obama). [10]”

      1. Steve Jobs opposed “do gooder” posturing (piety) and conformism, which is also why he never wore suits. I’m guessing he didn’t like posing cheerleaders or jocks either.

        Apple’s involvement with Product Red has been ongoing as long as I can recall the iPod, and yet detractors continue to assert Apple and jobs neither cared or gave.

    1. I consider myself a little left of center. Most of my giving is time, I have volunteer coached kids for over 20 years and have served on school boards, etc..
      I have never applied this to my tax forms, so there is no record of it.
      Perhaps many liberals donate in this manner.

    2. First, I didn’t vote for Obama – nor will I this year.

      Romney is worth over a quarter of a Billion dollars and lives on investment income- giving is relatively easy.

      The Obamas both came from very modest to poor backgrounds and came to the White House with mortgages on 2 homes- one in Illinois and one in the D.C. area and had only recently (prior to the 2008 election season) paid off the considerable debts they accumulated from their University educations and Law Schools (both are hold J.D. degrees). When starting a family, paying off school loans and maintaining 2 households in 2 high cost of living areas money is not so plentiful.

      Finally, giving is not always about money. Many liberals/progressives contribute to charity with countless hours at various community service and charitable organizations. Excepting photo ops, I doubt we will be seeing too many Republicans at the local mission, health center, food bank, literacy council, meals on wheels, environmental cleanup, rails to trails conversion, Habitat for Humanity project, etc.

      Skilled labor is many times far more valuable than money alone. Skilled labor with a network of contacts is more valuable still. When I show up at community service events/organizations is see plenty of Obama/Biden stickers, but few McSame/Palin or Bush – Miss Me? stickers. One of my favorites is Rush is Reich.

  1. As a conservative, I believe that it’s mean-spirited and unacceptable to pick on anyone for what they give or don’t give to charity. Steve Jobs, as auramac pointed out, gave anonymously. I give both anonymously and not, and many times don’t report what I give on my income tax form. Just because someone doesn’t make a “show” of their giving doesn’t mean they don’t do it. I do not criticize the President, nor do I applaud Gov. Romney, for their choices in charitable giving. I have enough to do criticizing myself for the pittance I give.

      1. As an agnostic I would remind the Christians that Jesus admonished those who made public display of their charitable contributions- he stated that they have received their reward.

        Mr Jobs obviously rejected his Christian upbringing, but might well have kept that admonition as it is a wise one.

  2. Discussing money in public is the height of vulgarity. Speaking ill of the deceased is very poor sport. I think this article should be removed in the interests of good taste.

  3. The Stanford Hospital project was started years ago, while Steve was around, and Ron Johnson headed up Apple’s role in fundraising. Steve just didn’t like to talk about Apple’s charity giving, just like Steve didn’t like to talk about Apple’s eco-initiatives like some companies trying to score brownie points, just like Steve didn’t like to talk about Apple’s supplier reports, even though they’ve been doing them for 6 years, etc., etc., etc., Some companies do what they believe in without trying to garner as much PR as they can.

      1. By being very public about his contributions Gates has recruited other billionaires to the cause and multiplied the amount of money those in need are receiving. In my view he’s doing exactly the right thing in order to maximise the results, whilst allowing many others to stay in the background with their own donations.

    1. Agree.

      From the article: “reportedly once told employees that giving away money was a waste of time”

      There is no information that Jobs ever said that; it is malicious gossip. On the contrary, last year Jobs said Apple will match any level of donations for Japanese earthquake/tsunami victims.

      And Jobs signed Apple to “Product RED” program, where the company gave away profits to charity and became single largest contributor to this Bono’s project.

  4. I personally do not care if one donates to charity or not. That is that person’s business. My biggest complain is when I have to “give” ala government donations aka TAXES and are wasted! What really chaps my hide is those crony capitalist like Warren Buffet says he is not paying enough taxes which means raising the taxes on the middle class.

    1. Government waste is a completely different issue. You could remove every welfare programme on the books and government would still find ways to tax you as far as they could. For them it’s all about the pork, the rest is just diversion tactics.

      1. You wanna know why, because actual welfare (not including medicaid) is a very small portion of any government budget. If you eliminate it you gain nothing. People take for granted, protection, life safety, infrastructure , defense, environmental services (clean air,water, safe food to eat) and the boon doggles like the war on drugs which punish users as well as dealers. One person’s pork is another person’s infrastructure investment or repair.

        1. I like to see figures that show how “small” is Medicaid and social security really is as you claim. If this is the case why are social security, Medicare are considered untouchable by politicians especially if their constituents start rallying the forces when they hear a politician wants to reform (though I would be suspicious of any politicians ambitions).

      2. You miss my point, we as citizens pay taxes, we do not decide where those dollars go. We have politicians that fool people into thinking they are looking after our interests when in reality they are looking after their own interests and their toadies.

  5. This is so weirdly non-Appley. I love that they give. I do not like them “blowing the trumpet before them”. These are distractions. Me no likely distractions at Apple.

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