Rush Limbaugh: The New York Times has turned on Apple; they wouldn’t do this if Steve Jobs was alive

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today discussed the recent Apple hit pieces from The New York Times on what, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States. The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network. A November 2008 poll by Zogby International found that Rush Limbaugh was the most trusted news personality in the nation.

From the live transcript, Limbaugh said:

I know a lot of you get upset and irritated with me when I talk about Apple. So I’m gonna talk about Apple. I wonder how they feel at Apple about now. When the APP store first hit, the mobile iOS APP store for the iPhone and the iPad, Apple made it clear that they were in bed with the New York Times. Even in Apple’s website ads when they would show a display, a website display on one of their computer monitors, it would always be the New York Times. Steve Jobs, in the biography written by Walter Isaacson, I think in that biography, said that he wanted to help the New York Times figure out how to do it right — i.e., digital New York Times. It was clear that there was a quid pro quo symbiotic relationship, that Jobs, then Apple, loved the New York Times, a great newspaper, wanted to help ’em do it better.

In the last three weeks there have been two stories in the New York Times about how basically Apple is responsible for people dying in China putting together iPhones and iPads, sweat labor, child labor. We’ve discussed one of the stories on this program. What has happened as a result of those two stories is that the usual touchy-feely student community has gotten up in arms and is demanding that Apple sign petitions saying that nobody will die in the assembly of iPhones. They’re demanding all kinds of concessions. They’re demanding that Apple be a better corporate citizen. It’s gotta shock ’em, because in a political sense their very own community is coming after ’em.

After all this showering and promotion of the New York Times on everything Apple, here comes the New York Times out with a hit piece, and the reason for it is to help Obama. Yeah, they did wait ’til Steve Jobs died to have this reversal take place. I don’t know if there’s a deep meaning to that, meaning current management’s not so in bed with the New York Times, I don’t know. But still, it’s a 180, it’s a stark difference. All I wanted to tell you was, you know, Apple’s getting beat up ’cause they don’t make iPhones in America, and we’ve told you the stories. The factories over there have 230,000 employees. We’ve only got 50 American cities with adult population larger than 230,000.

The company is Foxconn, 230,000 employees, 60,000 live at the factory. The factory has a hospital, a bunch of restaurants. They go through all this pork and rice feeding them every day. They make the equivalent of 17 hours a day. There was a story earlier this week that showed a picture of 3,000 Chinese at an application center hoping to get a job at one of these factories. So, anyway, I just think it’s time for the truth. The only thing that happens with the iPhone in China is it’s put together. It’s where it’s assembled. Apple does employ the brains behind the iPhone in this country. The high paying tech and engineering jobs responsible for the iPhone, the hardware design, the software, all of it happen here in America. The high paid jobs that are responsible for the existence of the iPhone take place here. Those jobs are in America. The assembly jobs are what take place in China.

It’s not as though Apple is stiffing America. The fact of the matter is that the best jobs, the high quality, high paying jobs regarding iPhone and iPad and all the other Apple products, the computers, do take place and do exist in the United States. The New York Times has turned on ’em, and of course the usual suspects, the know-nothing social do-gooders get all up in arms about human rights abuses and Apple’s killing people. There was a story, they polish the back of the iPad, the aluminum case, they polish it and the dust from the polishing is so fine it can cause explosions and it did at one iPad factory and 63 odd people got injured and so forth.

Well, that didn’t sit well, and so the usual do-gooder suspects are out. I just thought it was worth knowing that they used to love each other at Apple and the New York Times and that the quality, high-paying design tech jobs are in this country. So there. (interruption) No. Apple hates me. I’m not doing this for any reason other than I believe in the truth. They despise me at Apple. It’s political. It’s politics.

One more thing about this Apple and Foxconn business. Apple is not the only bunch that uses ’em. Foxconn makes things for Samsung. They make things for Sharp, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. They make it all. They assemble all this stuff. Apple is the only one being targeted as company engaging in child labor and killing its employees. Now, why do you think that is? Why do you think it is? (interruption) Well, it’s not just that they’re a number one company. These New York Times hit pieces on Apple are to benefit Obama. So the fact that they’re number one is, “Yeah, the number one capitalist outfit! Heartless, cold, calculating.” That’s a big part of it.

It’s also ’cause Jobs isn’t there anymore. They wouldn’t do this with Jobs there. I’ll guarantee you. Anyway, Apple is an American success story, and that’s why. An American success story has to be torn apart for the leftist agenda to advance. Apple must be shown to be heartless and corrupt. It must be shown to be this giant, heartless behemoth that doesn’t care for people at all. There’s even a book out now. Some guy at Forbes has written a book. And I don’t know if this is part of a hit piece on Apple, but it’s got some interesting things in it. It’s about how secretive Apple is and how miserable its employees are, how horrible a place it is to work. Because nobody’s trusted. Nobody is allowed to talk about what they’re doing. Nobody’s allowed to go to a different department and see what’s happening there.

It’s very secretive; nobody’s allowed to talk about anything. In fact, new hires are so distrusted, they are put on fake projects for six months just to see if they’re talkers. They are put on projects that have no bearing, they don’t exist, just to see how they behave. Because in the Apple culture of secrecy, that’s how they keep a leg up on their competition. (interruption) “It’s mean, Snerdley, don’t you understand? It’s mean! It’s mistreating people. They’re heartless and cold and brutal. This is exactly what capitalism is, Snerdley, don’t you understand? It’s exactly that! And that’s why it must not — must not! — be allowed to happen!” That’s what’s happening here.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. On January 12, 1920 a front-page story in The New York Times, “Believes Rocket Can Reach Moon”, reported a Smithsonian press release about a “multiple charge high efficiency rocket.” The chief application seen was “the possibility of sending recording apparatus to moderate and extreme altitudes within the earth’s atmosphere”, the advantage over balloon-carried instruments being ease of recovery since “the new rocket apparatus would go straight up and come straight down.” But it also mentioned a proposal “to [send] to the dark part of the new moon a sufficiently large amount of the most brilliant flash powder which, in being ignited on impact, would be plainly visible in a powerful telescope. This would be the only way of proving that the rocket had really left the attraction of the earth as the apparatus would never come back.”[64]

      i.e. The forever ignorant NYT screwed up again, see the following:
      Thus Goddard never talked to the media about rockets again, the Germans and the Russians took note and wondered why the Americans didn’t understand the brilliance of one of their own. America never did produce a good rocket, relying on a criminal whose rocket killed more in production than it did in action. Its time to worship your heroes and forget the Dells and Microsofts of this world.\

    1. Congratulations, however…

      You’d probably surprise yourself more if someone other than Rush spoke the exact same words on other subject matter. Because those same words would be coming from someone other than Rush, who you already have a disparaging viewpoint that taints and biases your rationale, you’d be saying “I think I agree with Rush on this one.” more than you would care to admit.

      1. I disagree with everything Rush says- always. But this time he’s right. I don’t care who said this- it was my immediate reaction, and I am blown away by the stupidity and hypocrisy. To the ignorant, Apple is now so big it is lumped in with the “enemy,” Wall Street. I am a progressive but most people who are making a big deal of this are liberals. They are misguided. I don’t care if Romney is rich, he’s just a jackass who isn’t qualified to be president. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are rich. That’s fine with me. The excuse is, they use “Apple as an example.” Generalizations are the background of stereotypes and bigotry. So singling out Apple, for whatever reason, is hypocritical, and it makes me sick.

  1. As much as I am appreciative of the fact that Rush is an Apple supporter, I don’t give a fsck what this Hillbilly Heroin addict thinks. He is the epitome of the sad state of political discourse in the US. A prevaricating demagogue of the highest order, and no one should trust Rush to tell you the weather outside his office.

    1. Typical ‘sympathy and compassion’ from an intolerant leftist bigot.

      When you can’t refute the issue, cast aspersions (‘Hillbilly Heroin addict’… really?)

      You’re an ass.

      1. Actually, Rush has had a couple of well publicized run-ins with the law regarding the synthetic opiate Oxycontin AKA “Hillbilly Heroin”.
        Rich white guy abuses a drug meant for cancer patients and YOU are making excuses for him!
        Just where the tea party wants you sucka!

        1. And Obama is a non-repentant coke user. Imagine the scorn and outrage if anybody called him a coke-head. They’d be labeled racist, bigot and, oh yeah, hillbilly. Of course, if anybody dares to look into Obama’s background or even question his policies they are labeled in these ways.

        2. Not to mention the fact that Barack is *gay*…

          Yeah, yeah… ‘He can’t be gay since he’s married and has 2 kids’…

          Riiiiigghht… are they really *his* kids? He buried his birth certificate and college transcripts… what else is he hiding??

          And how do you know that he didn’t just marry Moochelle Antoinette as an attempt to cover up his spooj-fetish.

          Women married to gay men are often referred to as ‘beards’… Google it.

        3. I’m desperately trying to believe this is a sarcastic/ironic joke. The idea that someone might actually be spewing such small-minded, hateful drivel is pretty darn scary.

        4. Rush had a back problem/injury and was prescribed pain killers that he wound up becoming addicted to. Doctors are quick to over medicate and most people believe their doctor so you can’t completely crucify Rush. He’s human. At least he’s gotten over it and is better. I thought you disgusting, low life Demo-comms were the party of acceptance and tolerance. You should be ecstatic with Rush conquering his Demons. But no, being the brain dead lemmings that you all are, you are all seething with hatred to the opposite view of your false utopia. Go to HELL Liberals!!!!!!

        5. There seems to be a very high correlation between how right-wing someone is and the amount of UN-freedom, UN-democratic, IN-tolerant name-calling and hate they spew. This is how freedom and democracy is preserved and promoted? Maybe I should put “so-called” in front of freedom and democracy. “You can be free as long as you don’t have different views than me.” Lovely. Is discussion even possible in the US?

        6. No Seamus, it is all but dead, along with critical thinking. Partisans are propagandized, divided, and used to further their masters agenda. All the while being abused. It’s self defeating, delusional and just plain insane. America is in a downward spiral.

          Cue the nationalistic gasbags telling me how great America is and that I’m a pinko or some such idiotic nonsense in 3.2.1…

      2. There we go. The perfect example of everything that’s wrong with your schizophrenic system. Black/white right/wrong on/off. Rush Limbaugh is the worst of the worst, and the fact that you think that since I point out that Limbaufh is untrustworthy, you automatically assume you can put me in some box that is diametrically opposed to everything in the article… Well, like I said. Perfect example. You even use the standard binary tropes of left/right and throw in the “intolerance” whine for good measure.

        If I am intolerant of a lying demagogue that never met a pidgeonholing stereotype he didn’t like, that’s a plus. No one has to tolerate sedition, divisiveness, mysogyny, or racism, all of which are Limbaugh’s tools of his trade.

    2. The sad state of political discourse is due to the fact that people cannot talk about the issues and are only capable of making personal attacks…. as you do here, attacking Rush simple because he disagrees with you on other issues, even though he agrees on this one.

      You’re unable to overcome your irrational hatred enough to be civil even in a place where he’ll never see your comment!

      Now, *that’s*, a sad state of political discourse!

      (Havent’ seen a leftist make an actual argument to defend their position once in the last 10 years, its always “conservatives are evil”.)

    1. You should. Rush is awesome and the vast majority of lemmings that bash him have never listened to him and have no idea what he’s like. They’re told to hate him so they do like good little comrade-sheeple. Pathetic. Open your minds up to Rush and Mark Levin!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sorry- he makes sense here, not only because I agree. However, he’s still a disgusting, racist pig. This debate is not about him- it’s about the truth. Like the old cliche says- even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

        1. “…a disgusting, racist pig.” Racist… really?

          You do know that two of the most brilliant, highly educated and extremely intelligent men who have guest-hosted for Rush are black? Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

      2. Wow! Really?

        Not sure why people HATE “liberals” and I put it in quotes, because “not-right” does not equal “liberal extremist” as the media would like everyone to believe. Some people actually can have their own opinion and take on any subject. Taking a blind, partisan stance on anything makes you the lemming.

        I consider myself to be a liberal. I don’t base that off misinformation that causes me to hate all things conservative. I’m liberal because I’m open-minded enough to know when I’m wrong, I can accept and respect the opinions of others, and even agree with someone I normally despise.

        I (almost) completely agree with Rush. All these morons getting up in arms over work conditions in China seem to have forgotten (or are just ignorant) that this is what happens in developing nations. It happened in the U.S. 100 years ago as we moved towards an industrial economy. As we grew and the problem became more wide spread, laws were created and employee unions were formed to combat the issue. The same will happen in China. It has to. Yes it’s a Communist run country, but this isn’t the USSR, closed off from the rest of the world. This is a country that welcomes foreign companies and trade.

        I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative, black or white, right or left, republican or democrat… Stop the !@#$%$ whining about it already!

        1. I think miss piggy’s ad hominem attack exemplifies her close mindedness.

          It is shocking how much intolerance is shown by the left in the name of tolerance.

  2. Good points. Well presented and well argued.

    Somewhat off topic now: The NYT is crap. The magazine exists to support the far left. They repeatedly release stories which undermine our country, national security, and troops in the field. Anything to support the liberal agenda is OK. And this is what seperates the left from the right. The left is willing to sacrifice our country for their agenda. Just 10 more months. Just my opinion.

    1. On an historical note: The NYT still hasn’t repudiated the lies that Walter Durantry wrote, praising the Soviet State during Stalin’s campaign to subdue the Ukraine by deliberate starvation.


    2. You mean like all the stories that talked up how Saddam had weapons of has destruction and that led the cheerleading in the run-up to the war with Iraq, which helped undermine our country, national security and our entire economy?

      People keep confusing the New York Times editorial page with the news pages. Same with the Wall Street Journal. Both of these excellent newspapers have fairly moderate news pages and fairly screeching editorial pages. In some areas, the WSJ (well, at least in the years before Murdoch) was more progressive in its news coverage than the New York Times.

      And if you think the Times’ wouldn’t have run a story about the evils of outsourcing before Jobs’ died, you’re just kidding yourselves. Just like Rush is when he makes it seem that 700,000 assembly line jobs is unimportant to a nation’s economy, and that 20,000 engineering jobs and another 20,000 retail jobs more than makes up for our relative lack of domestic high-tech manufacturing.

      1. Exactly. The NYT gets it from both sides.

        Hey, all you righties out there who are so convinced that the Times has a leftist agenda, maybe you should head on over to Daily Kos and see how much us lefty liberals “love” the New York Times. You’d be surprised.

        Cripes, if the Times were really as far left as Rush would have us believe, we libs would be masturbating over it daily. Instead we treat it with, at best, benign contempt.


      2. “you think the Times’ wouldn’t have run a story about the evils of outsourcing before Jobs’ died”

        Well, why didn’t they then? This is NOT a new issue that’s just popped up. Why was it focused on Apple when they’re are many more companies that use Foxconn?

        I agree, that Steve Jobs death has nothing to do with it, but why all this coverage now? What the hell happened in the passed week that opened the NYT eyes to something that’s been going on for 20 – 30 years in China?

        I got an idea… Apple posted record numbers and some Apple hating hack at the NYT had to write a hit piece to ride the wave of fame and tell everyone Apple isn’t as great as they seem, even though the article wasn’t accurate.

        Furthermore, no one in this country wants those assembly jobs. Are you kidding? I know people that have been out of work for a year and refuse to take a job at Arby’s or Taco Bell. Where in this country are you going to find 200,000 people who aren’t fat, lazy and spoiled and willing to work long hours for minimum wage? In this land of instant gratification and self-entitlement; no where!

  3. America has done it to themselves and even though the article is squarely pointed at Apple, all Corporate America is to blame.
    It is and always will be the bottom line and what colour it is and in Apples case it’s black.

    Microsoft, Sony and other tech manufactures use Foxcomm and will continue to do so and not only in China since Foxcomm just opened a plant up in Brazil to produce iPad’s and are planning at least four other plants in the coming years.

    I will continue to buy Apple gadgets regardless of where they are made and Rush can go being the asshole he is, he gets paid for being that way.

    1. You didn’t get the memo that came out saying that the NYT was lying and distorting what their source actually said? The letter from their source detailing the inaccuracies was published a day or two ago.

    2. “America has done it to themselves and even though the article is squarely pointed at Apple, all Corporate America is to blame.”

      Nooo, Brian. The ultra-rich right-wingers reeeeeally care about the general people. Honest! The Bush family showed that clearly. They removed regulations and allowed the financial sector to blow up their big Monopoly game because they care about you and me.

      All we need to do is get all these regulations out of the way and return to 19th Century robber-baron capitalism. Never forget, the reason that children no longer work 14 hours/day, 7 days a week is because the right-wing got together and said, “Gee whiz. Know what – I just got this great idea. We should stop using children like slaves. And while we’re at it, let’s also give workers a five-day work week and give women the vote.” (Yehh, that’s how it went.)

      1. Buddy, the financial sector imploded because of Clinton policy forcing all US banks to make reckless mortgage loans into gettos, accusing the banks and threatening them with racial discrimination law suites, in the name of the US government.

        Get your facts straight. Read up on it.

        1. Ubermac – So true. These people aren’t your buddies. They are the frothing at the mouth enemies. We need to vote them back into their holes in November. You state the truth and they hate the truth. If anyone bothers to read the Communist Manifesto, it is being played out right now by Democrats in the US and socialists all over the world. They aim to ruin us all.

        2. Hey mouth breather, are there any synapses firing in your cranium? You sound like a raving bigot, McCarthyism ended long ago, there is no commie conspiracy. Put the tin foil away.

          I will share a FACT with you. GWB’s grandpappy was a war profiteer, and made a lot of money selling the nazi’s things illegally when we were at war. Perhaps the Bush clan is part of a socialist conspiracy.

    3. Brian – news flash to you. You’re the foreign, commie, ahole, dirt ball that no one cares about. Go crawl back under your rock in your hell hole country that’s most likely a socialist false wet dream.

  4. I actually agreed with some of what he said. I do believe Apple is being unfairly singled out. But, what on earth does this have to do with Obama? This idiocy that reduces everything in America to liberal vs. conservative is tiring.

    1. Agreed. This has nothing to do with Obama or the Left perspective. It’s all about driving subscriptions and sales by pointing the finger at the most popular kid on the block. Sex and controversy sells. God bless America!

  5. While I agree with Rush that if Jobs was still with us the NYT probably would have held back or watered down their stories. Though I would like to point out the more likely scenario in this power play… Like all media outlets today we live in a world of sensationalism of our news and anything written about Apple grabs attention and thus sells more papers. Good or bad, people read more when Apple is involved. Unlike most other companies Apple has elevated itself to celebrity status (think paparazzi chasing the Apple Logo around town hoping to get compromising photos). That is the new reality that surrounds Apple now so any story is about them is a money maker and the juicer the better. On a separate tier you also have the top brass at the NYT who likely are heavily invested in hedge funds that play with Apple stock. So they put out a series of hit pieces to drive the stock price down while the hedge funds short sale the stock and reap the profits. It’s a symbiotic relationship of greed run amok. Now while I’m sure the way Foxconn runs their business operations in China are horrifying to the western world, however, it should be noted that the working conditions there are nothing compared to the factories turning out t-shirts and shoes that we gladly gobble up at Wal-Mart. I’ve had the privilege to visit some of these operations in China and other Asian nations and I can tell you that most barely even have power and employees sleep on the floor in the corner among the sewing machines. No hospitals, no sleeping quarters, no food. So is it a bit shameful that we buy Apple products made by semi-slave labor? Of course it is. But does Apple have any alternative? Not really, their next best choice would be to move manufacturing of their products and supply lines to another country where labor unions exist and nearly tripling the cost of their products. There is no real answer here that is win-win for everyone but when you analyze the particulars you can see that Apple is not at fault here and the only reason they are mentioned in the NYT and not all the other companies also contracting with Foxconn is because of their “celebrity” status. Again this is not a liberal agenda as Rush so naively states, but rather a capitalist agenda that he holds so dear.

  6. I disagree with Rush’s tactics and politics, but Rush is definitely spot on here.

    However, his vocal support could be additional fuel to add to the fire for the “social do-gooders” against Apple–especially the vocal, ignorant ones who automatically disagree with something just because the “other side” said it.

    There’s always a whackload of these knee-jerk idiots on all sides of an emotionally-charged issue, so don’t you think I’m letting conservatives off the hook on this, they can be just as badly blind as liberals.

    1. As much as I have to laugh at some of the stuff that falls out of his face, Rush kinda nailed it. I don’t think this is some kind of leftist conspiracy, but I do think the Times did stoop to the level you’d find with a bottom-tier tech blog.

      And there’s no need for name-calling, douchebag.

  7. Rush is an idiot, and I detest listening to him, but for the most part, I think he’s actually spot on. Why single out Apple, a company that helped the Times establish itself on the digital frontier, and ignore all of these other players? Virtually every major electronics company uses Foxconn for assembly of their products. No doubt the NYT is a left-leaning newspaper, but even as a left-winger, I have to side with Rush on this. Never thought in a million years I would say that.

      1. Kwanza, why don’t you shut the F up and grow up. Get the F off of this board – you don’t belong here. I respect other people’s opinions regardless of what party they are allied with. And I have listened to Rush – many, many times. It’s obvious that you are a complete infant.

        1. “Get the F off this board – you don’t belong here. I respect other people’s opinions regardless of what party they are allied with” – ferfmuckmeyer

          Wow… Just wow… Taking cluelessness to a whole new level…

  8. For some time I had maintained a digital subscription to the NYT, because I thought it was an informative, balanced publication. Now, plainly, it is not balanced. Should iPad and iPhone subscribers cancel our subscriptions and move to a more independant and balanced publication?

    1. because he is a lying, racist, mysogynist demagogue. That people are unable to see that they only believe Limbaugh to be “right” because he plays to their fears, prejudices and biases is everything thats wrong with the Beck’s, Limbaugh’s and Bachmann’s of the world Look at the Ditto Heads inability to understand that they live in a “liberal” society, and that liberal ideology is why they have to freedom to spout their ignorance without fear of serious reprisal. Yet they are so wrapped up in the sad little world of constant fear and imagined insult (War on Christmas! Obama’s ruining America!) that *any* attempt to counter their biases results in predictable accusations of intolerance and bigotry. Being opposed to stupidity and demagoguery doesn’t make anyone a bigot.

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