Republicans vote via Apple iPads in Florida primary

“Some voters in Florida’s Republican primary elections will be choosing the man they want in the White House with the touch of a finger using iPads,” Nicole Martinelli reports for Cult of Mac.

“Although Lori Steele, Chairman & CEO of Everyone Counts, the company behind the iPad voting scheme, was tight-lipped on details about how many of Apple’s magical tablets will be ticking boxes in today’s elections, she was quick to say that a similar program in Oregon led to an increase of voter participation by 1,500%,” Martinelli reports. “One thing she’s certain of though: the iPads will ensure there’s no hanging chads or lost votes.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


      1. If “Americans” reelect this Islamist hugging Marxist in November we get what we deserve and it’s game over. The problem won’t be Obama it will be the fact that our fellow Americans are so apathetic and brain dead we’ll sink into the abyss with the rest of the useful idiots in the world. Chirping like little birdies in a nest for our dear leader and momma govt to come save us. Liberals and the democrats plan has been insidious for 50+ years now they’ve been chipping away at our liberties, social security let the govt pay for your retirement trust us it will be “voluntary”, welfare you don’t need a father in the house let the govt provide for your needs, and now they’re after our health care and education let the govt pay for those things too. After that there’s nothing left but employment and if Obama could snap his fingers and make all of us work for him he would. Democrats (today’s democrats) want us all to be slaves to the state so we have to get down on our knees and come crawling to them for all of our needs. Mark Levin is right it’s going to take a miracle and a hundred years to undo the incredible damage to our nation and our nation’s will (govt dependency) they’ve instilled into the hearts of Americans. When I see stadiums full of Obama’s lemmings cheering for more “free” stuff from govt it makes me SICK. These aren’t Americans, Americans are self reliant and independent. I don’t know what Obama’s worshipers are but they’re definitely not Americans that I grew up with and was raised by.

    1. If anything, it would only have stopped four years of W.

      Seriously, Gore was about as charismatic as Mitt. He practically had to give the election to W to lose it. He let W attack him and then hide behind the “don’t attack me” shield – the same strategy he used successfully to beat Ann Richards for Governor of Texas, which was a major upset. People took W too lightly, and we all payed dearly for it.

    1. I love my iPads. I vote left, but the issue is neither left nor right. Any voting system that doesn’t leave a paper trail is subject to massive voter tampering & fraud.

      I’ve voted in Arizona, Texas, and Virginia and by far the best voting system was in Arizona with its scannable ballots and complete paper trail to track back fraud.

  1. It’s not left/right on this..

    Florida decided to do this, it’s a republican primary this year. If there were a democrat primary, the story would be about democrats doing this first.

  2. I can’t believe that Republicans can use an iPad.

    According to the Democrats, the Republicans have arms so long their knuckles drag on the ground.

    That has to make using the iPad very difficult.

    I’m not an American. Help me out. Are Republicans knuckle draggers or are Democrats just telling lies?

    1. No, it’s not the Republicans. It’s the independent Tea Party crowd that the Democrats used to call knuckle-draggers.

      The R & D parties need a fresh crop of insults; voters are yawning with boredom.

      1. So Jane,

        Please tell us why you would think a Tea Party Patriot would be called a knuckle-dragger?? I would think the filth at the trumped up Occupy Whatever rallies would be much closer to knuckle-draggers and worse. People supporting freedom, Capitalism, and the US Constitution are considered knuckle-draggers to you commies. That says it all.

        1. Hold on, Maxwell. I was only answering the foreigner’s question about name-calling. Personally I view the Tea Partiers as bottom-line patriots, like the folk that Andrew Jackson invited to party at the White House when he got elected. By the way, did you happen to see that kick-ass play about him? Called “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”.

  3. The problem is no paper trail. We had touch screens in Sarasota County until they could not account for a lot of the votes in a close election. I have no problem as long as there is a paper printout that you can see and then put into a box incase of a recount.

  4. I live in FL and have heard nothing about this, and the article is very short on specifics. This sounds more like a press release to promote the software company. I’m going to vote now and will certainly remove my skepticism in a later post if there are iPads there.

  5. Any way that the left can find a way for people to vote that avoids a human verification (ie. Photo ID, proof of insurance), they will advocate. That way, voter fraud will continue to be a constant factor that the Democrats will be able to rely on to win elections. Their over the top objection to states requiring a positive ID (photo ID’s of some sort by poll watchers) by the left shows that they are more interested in protecting this ‘special interest group,’ (ie illegal aliens, felons and the dead) than they are in ensuring a fair and appropriate election.

        1. how? He’s correct.

          It’s the left that continues to want discredit overseas military ballots, but wants zero checks for proper ID by “citizens” on election day.

          You show ID to buy alcohol/tobacco/drain cleaner (yes that’s a law in Chicago) but vote???? How dare you ask for ID!!!!!

        2. Not at all!

          Democrats in Texas are up in arms, calling it “racial profiling” that voters be required to show ID and prove residency before hitting the ballot.

          Funny. Even though Lib Dems spit on Hispanic minorities, calling them stupid and backwards for identifying themselves as religious (Mexico states its population is 91% Catholic), the immigrant population here is still willing to sell out their God for 30 silver shekels and vote for ’em.

          Or is that sad?

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