Motorola moves only 200K tablets, reports $80-million loss in Christmas quarter

“Motorola Mobility sold 1 million tablets in 2011 — with only 200,000 Xooms and Xyboards sold in the fourth quarter of the year, a quarter in which the company also reported an $80-million loss,” Nathan Olivarez-Giles reports for The Los Angles Times.

“For the full year, Motorola reported a loss of $249 million on $13 billion in revenue, up from an $86-million loss on $11.5 billion in revenue in 2010.,” Olivarez-Giles reports. “Product shipments are also down year over year for the fourth quarter. Motorola shipped 10.5 million phones and tablets (all of which run Google’s Android operating system) in the last three months of 2011, down from 11.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2010.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Xoon.


    1. RePlay, I know your comment was probably tongue-in-cheek,

      but, Windows 8 will be the new Windows ME… or Pissta.

      Microsoft *never* gets anything right the first time. Their motto is: ‘Just get it out the door and we’ll fix it later’.

      Windows users should stay away from Windows 8 like the plague. They’ll probably get it all worked out with Windows 9.

      Or, they should just get a Mac. By the time Windows 9 is out, Apple will have released 4 more iterations of Mac OS X.

  1. Didn’t the folks at Motorola realize that Xoom sounds too much like that other loser, the Zune? Or that someone might think that Xoom should be pronounced like “exhume” (dig out (something buried, esp. a corpse) from the ground)?

    1. I have a messenger bag made by Zoon, an Italian bag/wallet/luggage maker, that I use to carry my MacBook. I have an agreement with my local Apple store that it’s the only “Zune” allowed on the premises.

      “Xoom” might also be pronounced “shoom”, if you are assuming it is in Chinese Pinyin; considering where they’re made, that’s not an unreasonable assumption.

      Although I prefer “exhume”.

  2. I’ve got it on good authority that Android is “almost there” and that in 2012, Android tablets are going to take over!

    And add to that the fact that Apple is CLEARLY at its peak, it’s time to sell your APPL!!


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