German court rules against Samsung in Apple patent lawsuit

“Judge Andreas Voss of the Mannheim Regional Court just pronounced his ruling on the first one of Samsung’s seven patent infringement claims against Apple in Germany,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “Samsung’s complaint over a patent declared essential to the 3G/UMTS wireless telecommunications standard was rejected.”

“Samsung has four other lawsuits going against Apple in Germany, involving six more patents,” Mueller reports. “Apple is suing Samsung over six patents (also in Mannheim), with a hearing on one of Apple’s lawsuits to take place today (at noon by local time).”

Mueller reports, “The pronouncement did not include the reasoning… There are two reasonably likely possibilities: either Apple’s products weren’t deemed to infringe on the patent in a technical sense or the court believes Samsung’s rights are exhausted and Apple has, by extension, a license… If the reason for the rejection was technical non-infringement, Samsung’s other assertions of 3G/UMTS patents in Germany could still succeed. However, if the reason was patent exhaustion, all but one of the four remaining Samsung lawsuits in Germany (one over two patents unrelated to 3G, including a smiley input patent) would likely be thrown out as well.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And the saga continues…

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. …(one over two patents unrelated to 3G, including a smiley input patent)
    Please, someone tell me that this is a joke.
    It sounds like they’re just taking the piss. >8^)
    And that smiley didn’t require a patent.

    1. Yes Mike and we all owe the caveman for everything we have cause he make a wheel, thru a stone, and used a stick. Guess we all owe his heirs ….. oooppps that would be us. LOL

      The law today lacks any sense. Its just people trying to use rules in ways that were not intended. Its just sad.

      Just a though,

    2. And Moto is still using Android, which the ITC found “stole” parented technology from Apple.

      Before anyone (MDN included) gets too carried away in proclaiming Apple’s innocence, remember that all of this technology that combines to create an iPhone or iPad was developed by many, many people, and all of these patents overlap or are so broad that they cover basic functions. Tere are some things which are essential to simple operations, like making a phone call or accessing a 3G network.

      It’s the other patents and innovations which are the differentiators, like Multi-Touch. That is where the products shiner fail, and that’s where these fights will eventually be decided.

      1. I have to be pragmatic here, before the iPhone all of the UI elements of the iPhone were unknown (at least to the general public) and the form factor (and onscreen keyboard) were similarly unknown. Now all the “freetards” (interesting that the MSphiles have become born again freetards, eh?) are telling us that it is obviously the “only” way to design a phone (or tablet) interface and that it is public domain because of that.
        We need to reward companies like Apple. Because without them I can’t help but believe that we would all still be tapping on a beard of keys and using MSDOS 19.
        It’s easy to copy but dam hard to innovate. I remember back to the Alta Vista days, search was truly horrid, I wonder if google wants to share their patented search algorithms and technologies? I’ll bet not, and they shouldn’t be forced to just because they were “the way it should have been done”.

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