Apple charges Samsung Galaxy Nexus infringes ‘Slide-to-Unlock’ invention in Germany

Mannheim Regional Court today held a hearing on one of Apple’s German lawsuits against Samsung.

FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller tells MacDailyNews, “At that hearing, Apple presented supplemental infringement contentions (meaning they added additional infringement allegations to their complaint) targeting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the official ‘lead device’ for Android version 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich. To the best of my knowledge it’s the first explicit legal attack by Apple on the Galaxy Nexus.”

Read more in Mueller’s full article here.


  1. I love how Shamstung steals these kinds of innovations from Apple, calls them “obvious” and therefore they should be able to use them for that reason. If it was so “obvious” then why didn’t THEY come up with it? Also if every patent challenge was to successfully use the obvious argument there wouldn’t be much of a reason to even have a patent system.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but in what way is the unlock on the galaxy nexus, or rather, android 4.0, similar to apple’s implementation? Furthermore, since it is google who primarily created the operating system, then how can anyone (apple or otherwise) justify suing samsung?

    1. Goldman reports, “Apple’s market cap is higher than the gross domestic product of Greece, Austria, Argentina, or South Africa. Despite its size, Apple is still one of the fastest growing technology companies.

      The iFlock is getting bigger. You are one naive slanted eyed troll. Apple is as American as Apple Pie.

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