The PC landscape is rapidly changing

Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions, “One of my favorite quotes about change is: ‘Life is a journey, and on a journey the scenery changes.'”

“The technology industry is also on a journey and on that journey the scenery will change,” Bajarin writes. “Whether many industry insiders recognize it or not the scenery is changing and it’s happening quickly. The line is blurring between what is a PC and what isn’t. Devices like smartphones and tablets are proving to many that computing can take place on a number of different form factors. It is important for those who watch the personal computing industry closely to realize that the landscape as we know it is about to change drastically.”

Bajarin writes, “It all began with the iPad. In as many times, in as many years, Apple again released a product that challenged the industry and forced many companies to turn introspective and re-think their product strategy. The iPad has done quite a bit more than just challenge the industry, it has also challenged consumers to re-consider what exactly a personal computer is and what their needs are with one… As those in the industry who make PCs are already figuring out, tablets are a viable computing platform and having a tablet strategy is essential for anyone currently competing for PC market share.”

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  1. Isn’t a tablet a pen based PC that was modestly accepted, until the iPad showed up? Later it was revealed that it was a failed attempt to create a light weight interactive screen for medical and education, ignored by consumers, and just as a pain to interact with, because without a mouse or keyboard, it was as difficult to use as quadriplegic could use a mouse and keyboard?

  2. Apple has the ‘Mobile’ market locked-up with the iPhone, iPad, MackBook Pro, and MacBook Air. And now it seems to be making major inroads into the desktop market as well. It seems that there will soon be a ‘Mac’ market and an “Also Ran’ market.

  3. PC companies should stop competing for market share as their primary goal, and move their focus to creating innovative products that people will love. The biggest lesson from Apple – no one can any longer deny that this is a winning strategy; although the analysts continue to focus on market share much more than profit-share of a market.

  4. “As those in the industry who make PCs are already figuring out, tablets are a viable computing platform…”
    Oh, that’s just so cute! Talk about a pound short and a day late for the PC boys: if they’re still in the ‘figuring out’ stage of tablets (oh, the memories, I so enjoy the game of ‘…whatever happened to…) honey turn on the lights, give them a Kleenex and send ’em home.

    Someone update this industry expert that it’s the iPad market, it’s been figured out a long time ago, Apple has delivered on the promise and already improved on it, consolidated their position Beyond any threat and are already moving on to greater innovations.

    Dell make a tin box (is he still around, by the way?) and Balmer is building stores near Apple stores because, “… we have to beat Apple.” it’s so cute when the kids play dress up and say adult things.

    Oh and how has this ‘figgeren’ worked out? “Five-point gestural input.” I can believe they have hands because they’ve jerked on innovation but the five-point gestural input is proof positive that they don’t have brains

  5. The PC industry is way behind the times. Moses had the first tablets of any note. The PC industry has only marginally improved on those. However given enough computers and monkeys I’m sure that in 10 years time they’d be able to design something to compete with Apple’s present iPad.

  6. Amazing, that so few analysts see the threat to Microsoft: The Windows-ship is sinking, coming under pressure both from mobile (no market share for Windows mobile), Apple’s Mac (increasing market share) and Google’s Cloud software (signing Santander last week, Europe’s biggest bank with 110.000 employees).

    Still, analysts say Microsoft is cheap. With Steve Ballmer heading it, Microsoft will be a lot cheaper in the years to come …

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