Why Apple will steal the Consumer Electronic Show without even attending – again

“Hold onto your hats: CES 2012 is coming and it seems Apple will dominate once again, even without being there,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “That’s because the firm has already set its stall with products and services which match the trends we’ll see emerging as ever so, ever so important this year.”

“For every tablet prototype shown this year, think back to the hundred or so revealed at CES in 2011,” Evans writes. “Many of these never hit the shops. The ones that did ship didn’t make the grade.”

Apple’s agenda for 2012 will include:
• The iPad 3
• The iPhone 5
• New generations of MacBook Air
• The evolution of iCloud services
• New developments in iTunes
• The Apple television

CES exhibitors will, as usual, “be playing catch-up to adroit Apple, as while they try to interest us all in what they’ve got coming there’s no escaping that in many of these sectors Apple already has a service or device offering in place,” Evans writes.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Who is Fred Mertz and how does he always know what is happening first….
    I went to CES…huge and filled with crappy products.
    Hard to find the occasional good thing in a sea of unimportant trinkets.

    1. Fred Mertz is either…(compilation of previous MDN commenter theories)…

      1. Ethel’s husband in “I Love Lucy”, awakened from his cryogenic chamber

      2. The secret identity of SteveJack, MDN editorialist

      3. Steven Hawking, who can’t really do much anymore other than monitor all web traffic from his support cradle

      4. The 21st Century version of the Baker Street Irregulars (the 1880s street urchins who unobtrusively gathered intel for Sherlock Holmes)

      5. A guy named Fred Mertz who just gets off on being first, goddamit

      1. I hate to be the one to tell you Fred, but Ethyl has been doing all of us here. She got bored with just you and being pumped at every gas station in the country.

  2. With all the attention the brand is getting, and the fact that most,not all, of the competitors are basically clones, this is no surprise.

    But it’s still nice to see what other companies make.

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