InfoWorld: Without a doubt, the best smartphone for business and pro users is Apple’s iPhone 4S

“iOS 5, Android 4 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich,’ Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango,’ and BlackBerry OS 7 were all released in the past few months, each promising to advance the iPhone, Android smartphones, Windows Phones, and BlackBerrys respectively to the head of the mobile pack,” Galen Gruman reports for InfoWorld. “But only one can be the best.”

“InfoWorld has tested each of the major mobile OSes on the flagship devices for each OS to see what the best smartphone is for business and professional users,” Gruman reports. “The answer is without a doubt the iPhone 4S, thanks to iOS 5, the Apple ecosystem, the smartphone’s solid hardware, and the new Siri voice-controlled ‘intelligent’ assistant.”

Gruman reports, “Android 4 made a good start to improving the interface, but it’s still inconsistent. It has even introduced some new metaphors and inconsistently implemented them, so it has a ways to go to be a polished OS. Windows Phone 7 is proficient but can do little beyond social networking, and it’s unclear whether Microsoft will try to make it a full-on platform like iOS or Android. Then there’s BlackBerry OS, which is being replaced later this year with a new OS — assuming RIM can finish the job, given its many delays and declining revenues. I suspect through all this, the iPhone 4S and the forthcoming ‘iPhone 5’ will remain the best smartphone.”

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  1. Are they crazy? What good is a smartphone you can’t root? Besides, how many BOGO iPhones are offered for businesspeople? Probably none. Who wants to read from some tiny 3.5″ display when the norm is now 4.2″ in the Android world? No 4G LTE… no sale. InfoWorld is definitely being “financed” by Apple.

  2. Went to the comments. Funny. But informative. 45% were Apple supporters…. most cause they felt Apple just better, more consistent.

    Apple users don’t really care what you use. Android and MS users seem to be upset if you use Apple…

    1. Whiny little pricks aren’t they.

      Here’s a sample: One of the worst comparisons. I don’t think the writer even used the phones described.

      And another: article obviously written by an Iphone 4s user… , Android on Galaxy S2 is way better than Iphone 4s, (I Have access to both)
      Safari is NOT a good browser.. sorry
      Html 5 ??? hello how many websites are done in THAT ?
      comparing I Phone for Business with the google Apps is just ridiculous , Iphone implementation of Exchange etc.. isn’t fit to shine the Androids shoes..
      Speed, reliability and ease of use is what counts in my opinion, and Android 2.3 on Samsung Galaxy 2 wins hands down,..

      Delusions of Grandeur, as only a Fandroid could express!

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