What if Apple and Bloomberg struck a deal?

“Brian S Hall has an idea that could spice up an otherwise lackluster press conference: Some kind of joint venture with Bloomberg’s financial publishing empire,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune. “‘Consider the possibilities,’ he writes, ‘of an Apple – Bloomberg tie-up.'”

Hall writes:

Apple can instantly and probably significantly grow their iPad business. Those Wall Street guys and rich Hong Kong expats and other Bloomberg customers will absolutely want to show their real-time Bloomberg data on their iPad.

And they can begin placing financial data on Macs with those sweet big screens instead of Bloomberg terminals. Even now, banks and other financial institutions can afford the Apple margins. Fact is, Bloomberg’s ‘closed’ terminal model probably won’t last forever. Placing ‘locked’ Bloomberg data on the tightly controlled Apple system may be the perfect answer.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. The HAM protocol is being subducted by the SAUSG McMFFN since BACN is no longer part of the TOST curve. Look for Bloomberg to incorporate more TUNA benefits for their SHRK employees.

      1. currently, APPL is valued at 381.9 billion dollars..what is “full Bloomberg service” worth? Clearly, you don’t know shit about money. Like Dispoableidentity noted, Bloomberg is a niche service.

  1. April 1st comes earlier each year ;-p
    Those Bloomberg terminals are batshit crazy and so proprietary they defy description. The idea of Apple having anything to do with something so far from their core competency is…is…somewhere deep into a reality desert.
    From memory lane, the server side has some of the very best and worst Fortran code I’ve ever seen, in a mix with C and C++ and JavaScript galore all accessed through a Windows client – YUK
    Then there’s Citrix on top for the iPad.
    The next Ice Age will arrive sooner than an Apple solution rewrite. Oh…and the screens GUI gives you a headache.

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