Sony chops $100 off Tablet S devices

Sony has chopped $100 off their 16GB or 32GB Tablet S devices, “priced as low as $400 — $100 cheaper than the device’s original pricing,” Ian Paul reports for PCWorld.

“Sony’s latest price drop follows a $50 price cut during the holiday season, but this drop appears to be permanent,” Paul reports. “Sony’s price cut may be just the latest sign of how tablet makers are finding it difficult to compete with the iPad.”

Paul reports, “Competing slates that have failed to get a foothold in the tablet market include the Hewlett-Packard TouchPad, which the company killed off in August following the device’s July debut. Research In Motion is struggling with poor sales of the BlackBerry PlayBook despite holiday sale pricing that went as low as $199. Asus’ new Transformer Prime tablet at Best Buy is currently priced at $500 for a 32GB device. Amazon’s Kindle Fire avoided any clashes with the iPad by offering a tablet focused primarily on media consumption and pricing the device at $200.”

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    1. Yeah, dream on. Samsung is putting up a pretty good fight. I don’t think they’ll be next — I think they’ll either hang in there for the long haul or be the last one to be dropped by Apple’s punches. They make some pretty good stuff — they’re the best of the copycats. Asus will also hang in there for a while — at least they’re showing a bit of creativity and originality.

      1. I don’t know about that. Samsung isn’t doing all that well in some areas, and that’s even before the potential IP lawsuit bombshells from Apple.

        Samsung really ought to be doing much better than it is, considering that it not only has Apple products to copy, but can also grab some of the same components directly off of its manufacturing lines.

        Asus is hit an miss. If the company has actually made a turn for the better and given up making cheap crap, then it has a chance. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

  1. the real problem is Sony’s two new tablets are mediocre, even for Android, and therefore DOA. the only reason to buy one is to use together with Sony’s TV’s, PS3, etc. and their web services. but outside of Japan no one cares about that.

  2. Not so. Amazon is actually the only hope for Android tablets to compete with the iPads. Other Android tablet vendors have killed their own products by trying to price them at the same or higher levels than comparable iPads. Even Android enthusiasts like myself realize that’s a joke.

    Realistically, the biggest opportunity for Android tablets is in one of two areas: 1) 7″ tablets — Apple does not have a comparable product here yet, and demand is pretty high, 2) Hybrid tablet/laptop devices like the Asus Transformer Prime.

    If Apple introduces a 7″ tablet and prices it at a lower starting point than the current iPads, 7″ Android tablets will struggle to compete (including the Kindle Fire).

    When (and if) Windows tablets ever come to fruition at a price point that doesn’t make people choke, Android hybrid devices like the Transformer will have a hard time competing (i.e., more complete OS functionality and office suite). Also, this is an area where Apple can easily compete too — but they’ve got to be careful not to do so at the expense of their notebook line.

    I got 3 tablets in my house for Christmas — Apple iPad 2, Amazon Kindle Fire, and 7″ HTC EVO View 4G. The iPad is obviously the most capable, but the HTC is a close second and much more portable. The Kindle Fire is a distant third, but still very nice for music, video, games, and books. The current iPad form factor is just too big to carry around as a reader/media consumption device. That’s really it’s only drawback (other than price). It really would be nice to see Apple put out a 7″ or similar form factor.

    1. “Other Android tablet vendors have killed their own products by trying to price them at the same or higher levels than comparable iPads.”

      In other words, if android tablet makers try to price their product to make a profit, then they will fail. If they make them at a loss, then they can move a few. If they offer BOGO even better. If they offer them at fire sale prices they can almost achieve a respectable sell out.

      More proof that there is no real tablet market. There is an iPad market and an e-reader market.

      1. “More proof that there is no real tablet market. There is an iPad market and an e-reader market.”

        Agreed. There is huge growth potential that can be spurred by the iPad and e-reader markets. A 7″ tablet market, for instance. And a hybrid tablet/notebook market on the high end. As consumers get more comfortable with their iPad and Kindles, they will see the opportunity for tablet-like devices to do even more than they do today. I’m still not convinced that one device can meet all of these needs. Hence, Apple should expand their vision and their offerings to meet different needs. If they don’t, then they leave a market for others to play in (Android, Windows, potentially others).

    2. No, Apple should not make a 7-inch iPad. What it should do is to increase the iPod Touch screen to two 7-inch models: one with full color display and the other with an e-ink display and price them at $300 and $100 respectively. That will kill all other competitors for sure.

  3. @Rick has a point.
    Android tabs can be picked up sub $100 and whilst the hardware at the lowest price point may be underwhelming, there is a point where it becomes plenty good enough for most people. It is a questionof how many android vendors are able to sustain low margins whilst still developing what the consumer sees as decent kit. I dont see Sony doing well in android or any tablet for that matter as they have forgotten how to innovate, but that is evolution, and the likes of samsung and HTC will be tomorrow’s Sony.

    Additionally I picked up a playbook in the Xmas sales for next to nothing. At 7 inches it fits into a jacket pocket in a way that an iPad never will. It has a very good browser and is currently pumping live football into my HDMI TV. It is not perfect but if the promised OS upgrade hits he mark in February then my iPad is going on eBay. RIM have done well with the hardware and when they bag the android app catalogue they could be on to a winner.

    And before you fanbois have a go, I am a 4 x mac, 2 x ipod, 1 x iPad and proudly 0 x windows household.

    1. “And before you fanbois have a go, I am a 4 x mac, 2 x ipod, 1 x iPad and proudly 0 x windows household.”

      Said by every lying sack of …. Apple hating troll. You do know that, right?

  4. Dear MDN,

    You’re welcome.

    (I cited this article to MDN but because of the politics, I am not credited. This is perfectly in keeping with the deceitful and self-destructive behavior of the Neo-Con-Job, as would be censoring this message of annoyance. In future I won’t bother citing articles to MDN. Why bother. Sometimes children grow up. I wish the same for you). 🙂

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