LeBron James stocks his retail store with 45 Apple iPads

“As if LeBron James wasn’t busy enough with the delayed NBA season starting and getting engaged, he also had to go and open his own retail store and stuff it to the gills with iPads,” Amanda Kooser reports for CNET.

“The Miami Heat star recently launched Unknwn, a boutique clothing and lifestyle store,” Kooser reports. “As you might expect, the sneaker section is especially well-stocked.”

Kooser reports, “The store’s wall full of sneakers is also a wall full of 45 iPads.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


  1. So, do you think anyone at JCPenney will get an idea of what to do there? Sometime the answers are right where you left them last. With Apple. (Yes, I am talking to you Ron Johnson.)

  2. More interesting than the fluff article are the feeble comments below it, wondering if “iPads in business” tech headlines indicate some kind of journalist bias: where are the other tablets? I’m thinking: I once ran a boutique; would I have used anything besides iPads on the floor? Answer—not bloody likely, for any number of reasons which by now are too boring to repeat.

    Cue the haters linking iPads in LeBron’s store to his performance in last year’s NBA playoffs…3…2…1…

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