Apple, Google to join billion-pound battle for English Premier League streaming rights

“Computer giants Apple are showing interest in joining the billion-pound battle for the next set of live Premier League TV rights when the tender goes out before the end of the season,” Charles Sale reports for The Daily Mail.

“The Premier League is seen as the type of premium content that will help establish Apple TV in the UK and boost iPad sales, while the iTunes subscription service infrastructure is already in place,” Sale reports. “The involvement of Apple – and their great multimedia rivals Google are also expected to make similar soundings – would give the PL a hugely competitive market at a time when the price of other TV sports rights are in decline.”

Sale reports, “The three certain bidders will be Sky, who paid £1.6billion for their current packages, ESPN, who say they are determined to buy more PL content, and Middle East network Al Jezeera [sic], who also have the resources to break the Rupert Murdoch stranglehold on the Premier League.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. No way BSB will lose soccer. It’s a primary way for them to get subscriptions.
    Apple would have to put serious money into buying the rights and then selling bucket loads of AppleTVs to consumers.
    It really does not seem like Apple’s way.

  2. Apple will need content to make their TV successful.

    I don’t have cable but I subscribe to Fox Soccer just so I can see the games online. I’m different than most Americans, but most of the world would be interested in soccer from whoever provides it.

    If PL were only available from one distributor, then I hope it would be Apple. I prefer avoiding Google as much as possible.

  3. I love the US-centered views on here. Can you people not once look beyond your borders? That missing imagination is what set Jobs apart from most others.

    While I doubt the rumour is true, the PL is bigger than American Football & Basketball together – and if it were true then I would be one of many to get it from Apple.

  4. I agree, highly doubtful. If Apple were interested in throwing money at content, why not just buy the media sources here in the U.S. and have multi-year content to push hardware sales? At $100 per Apple TV, they would need to sell 10-million per billion dollars they threw at a single season sports franchise. Doesn’t seem much like Apple.

  5. Personally I hope that nobody with any real cash bids, Sky go bankrupt due to paying well over the odds, and the entire bloated house of cards that is the Premier League collapses in on itself taking the corrupt club owners and the WAGS and their faux-celebrity status with it.

    I’d love to see real English League football given attention again, tailored for English football fans instead of Chinese betting syndicates. The soul of the game in this country has been destroyed in the quest for Asian TV and merchandising rights. It looks as if another long-standing name, Darlington FC, is about to disappear whilst the Premiership clubs continue to suck in all available cash to pay more bloated wage bills.

    If English people really want only 20 clubs in this country, owned, managed, staffed with, and aimed entirely at foreigners then they’re going the right way about it.

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