CNN’s Top 10 Tech ‘Fails’ of 2011: Anthony Weiner on Twitter, lost iPhone 4S prototype, and more

“The highs were pretty high in the tech world in 2011, as new gadgets, updates and advances delighted the masses,” Doug Gross reports for CNN. “I mean, Facebook made a change that most people (so far) seemed to actually like. What are the odds?”

“But the lows were lower. For every moment of digital bliss, it seemed, there was a clunker of equal or greater magnitude,” Gross reports. “In fairness, some of these “Doh!” moments came from folks who had otherwise good years. And nobody, not even perennial tech darling Apple, is perfect.”

CNN’s 2011 Tech Fails of the Year:
• Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) weiner on Twitter
• Go Daddy’s SOPA misstep
• ‘Duke Nukem Forever’
• The other tablets
[iPad wannabes – MDN Ed.]
• Game off at Sony’s PlayStation Network
• iPhones and bars don’t mix (lost iPhone 4S prototype)
• Netflix-Qwikster
• PayPal plays Scrooge
• iPhone 4S battery life (“We’ll call this a modest ‘fail’ wrapped inside an epic win,” Gross writes. “The battery gripes didn’t stop Apple from selling an iLoad of the new phones.”)
[We never did see it on any of our units running any version of iOS 5 beta or otherwise. – MDN Ed.]
• Research in Motion hemorrhaging share and continent-wide outages

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Just to make headlines CNN added Apple product in the list without any strong reason. there were much bigger tech failures this year than iPhone battery problem and they added that as top 10 tech ‘fails’…

  2. My battery seems to take a modest hit compared to my 4.
    Not a “fail” just a little lower, big deal IMO.

    My brother in law just got his 4S two weeks ago, he’s not complaining. And he’s a power user (calls/text/email anyway)
    My niece has her 4 in her hands all day long, iOS 5 still allows her a full day of use (heavy text/mail/facebook)

  3. if you don’t put ‘Apple’ into an article or list no one would read it. Apple stuff will turn up in every sort of list (or article) …

    as for the battery…
    I’m not saying that some poeple are not experiencing battery issues but one person who checked the postings about people complaining about 4S found that many were android fans:

    “Of the 36 users, 15 were obvious Android users complaining about ‘their’ iPhone battery or Siri problems. This is based upon reading posts of these 15 users on multiple pro Android sites. Many admit in posts that they hate Apple and would never buy one of their products. ”

    as for the earlier ‘antennagate issue’ it’s interesting that iPhone 4 only had a 1.6% return rate vs 30% for some android phones (but of course iP4 ended up on Consumer reports ‘not recommended’ list).

    fortunately most apple sales are not due to advertising or reviews but from friends recommending. This can be seen from the fact that apple spends much less on advertising than its rivals (2009 stats show Apple spending one third Msft’s ad budget and less than Dell ).

  4. DOH! The Amazon Kindle Fire does NOT qualify as an iPad wannabe. The Fire is ONLY an Android eReader. Anyone believing otherwise will be severely disappointed, just as I am disappointed with the barrage of TechTard journalists who mythologized the Fire into an iPad competitor.

    MASSIVE FAIL, dopey TT journalists. Who’s paying your wages to write this crap outside of the month of August? Shameful. Shame shame shame. 😛

  5. Most of them are not tech fails, but rather people being stupid with technology. Sexting your wiener – the tech did exactly what it was designed to do.

    Big difference, in my opinion.

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