Apple Inc. seeks clear vision in post-Jobs era

“Hours after Apple emblazoned its website in October with pictures of its newly announced iPhone 4S, the homepage was changed to a single, sober black-and-white image of the company’s co-founder, accompanied by the words ‘Steve Jobs 1955-2011,'” Chris Nuttall reports for The Financial Times.

“The photograph captured his characteristic piercing stare through round, wire-framed glasses. His left hand was raised to his chin in a beard-stroking act of pondering,” Nuttall reports. “In the context of his death and the suddenly uncertain future of his company, it was as if the image was showing that he retained a clear vision of the road ahead, but was wondering if Apple could negotiate it without him.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, puleeze.

Nuttall reports, “Tim Cook, the new chief executive, has been the steady hand that everyone expected him to be since taking over in August, at the recommendation of Jobs. ‘I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it,’ wrote his predecessor in his letter of resignation… The big expectation is that Apple will break into the television market, something that other technology companies such as Dell, Gateway, HP, Intel and Google have failed to do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is going to shock the naysayers in 2012 and beyond.


  1. “The photograph captured his characteristic piercing stare through round, wire-framed glasses. His left hand was raised to his chin in a beard-stroking act of pondering,”

    Steve was thinking about the sushi he was going to have after the damned photo session was over.

    1. Jobs is a deep thinker. In every interview that he was involved, he was thinking a few steps ahead before the words came out of his mouth. Many of the predictions that he made years ago came true. Apple with his preciseness in thoughts and actions have benefitted tremendously.

  2. Happy new year to all at MDN and everyone who comments. You guys, and C1, always make my day. Special shout out to Fred who finds all these great articles.

    Apple YTD: Up %25.56

  3. Yea, Steve was pondering how the press would wholly miss the point. His thoughts on how Apple will succeed beyond his dreams. Ground breaking projects that only Apple would bring to the world. The force of change that a simple company with a simple goal of great products, engaged consumers, and systems that simply work for every customer regardless of age. Such a poignant moment marred by a Neanderthal.

    Steve Jobs the visionary.

  4. Time will tell i guess.

    History is littered with great companies that lost their way or just got to big to function in fast changing industries.

    Not that I think apple is remotely close to the top of the wave they are riding but eventually there will be a turning point, there always is.

      1. I agree they have a lot of growth in those markets. As I said I dont think they are remotely close to peaking.

        The only concern i have is if they move into tvs and other areas, i would fear they might start losing focus.

      2. Actually, Apple’s global Mac footprint is somewhere around 10-percent now, and continues to grow. Record sales of Macs last quarter shows Apple is catching on quickly.

        Your use of 5-percent and claiming Apple has maxed out its market share is laughable. What a maroon.

    1. You are correct there Dude! It may be a few years but AAPL will have its bad days. As you noted, all companies do. You have to remember that most on this site are childish fanboys. They know nothing of the adult world. They can only lash out like spoiled little 10 year old kids. There is seldom any rational thought behind their posts. Having said that I do believe AAPL is in good hands now. There is plenty in the pipeline to take care of things for a few years. I do not believe that the company will falter due to SJ’s absence. I believe that this group of leaders can have a more blanced approach to staying on top. They have been responsible for the products all along. Now they can take credit and move even higher. They will be able to be hard nose when it comes to evaluating their own products before introducing them to the public. They will be hard and nasty in evaluating product not hard and nasty toward everyone and everything because they can get by with it. It will be a better place to work. They’ll have their failures but not for a while.

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