Kiss your cable bill goodbye and save $1000 or more each year with these HDTV antennas

“How’s this for a deal: Pay less than $50 now to save $1000 or more each year,” Edward N. Albro reports PCWorld. “That’s the kind of savings you could reap by ditching your cable or satellite TV service and using an HDTV antenna instead.”

“And you needn’t conjure up scary images of clambering up on your roof to mount a skeleton of aluminum bones,” Albro reports. “In many locations, you can use an unobtrusive inside antenna and still receive dozens of stations with, in some cases, a crystal-clear high-definition picture.”

Albro reports, “I tried five leading interior antennas, ranging from one that resembles a sheet of paper you stick to a wall to one that looks like it should be receiving signals from distant planets.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. That’s rather preposterous. OTA alternatives to cable have always been around, but one of the primary reasons to have cable in the first place is to have access to a multitude of channels available in no other medium. Additionally, cable companies also serve as ISP, and if you call your cable provider about ditching TV and going to straight internet service, you will find the price break is not all that great.

    1. WRONG

      I ditched cable and sat years ago and I’ve saved a ton of money. I pay $30 a month for Internet through the cable company. That’s going to go up to about $50 in about a year. When it does I might just switch back to DSL. I’ll see what kind of specials they’re running when the time comes.

      However, even at $50 it’s still a good bit cheaper then cable, Internet, and phone combined (I use Ooma).

      1. Agree with 313 ….. You must have some issues if you need to express yourself by “coloring” your “text” ….

        Or to say it another way – One you will no doubt relate to …. STFU unless you can speak without shouting and using foul language ….

  2. I agree with half Brainless, what the hell does this have to do with Mac or apple news? And please no one say the imaginary and totally not going to happen apple tv set top/television.

    Like VoIP is killing the home phone, Internet provided tv services (illegal and legal alike) have killed cable and most chances for any company to revolutionize the set top box market, even apple

  3. I’ve been off the grid, OTA, for three years… except for football season. So many games now on ESPN, and except for a few games available on, the only way to get them is cable. During the 4-5 months that I have cable, I notice what a vast wasteland the cable landscape is. I would be perfectly happy with OTA plus just a handful of cable-only channels (ESPN, Discovery, Palladia, etc.). So if Apple can pull this elusive rabbit out of the hat, I can’t wait to get on board.

  4. For those of you asking “What does this have to do with Apple?”… you need to realize a few things.

    1) Apple sells a device called Apple TV. A competitor to cable.
    2) Apple sells TV content. A competitor to cable.
    3) MacDailyNews wants your eyes. You are the product. You all fell for this by coming to this article page.
    4) By posting “related” content, they reach a wider audience in search engine results. Someone just found this page by searching for “digital TV antenna”, and now maybe they are off to buy an Apple TV instead. And MDN got the hit. It’s a smart strategy.

  5. Good article. I don’t want to pay for cable, so I use one of the flat, square antenna that it recommends. Works great. All the OTA channels are now HD, and I use a cheap Elgato EyeTV on my Mac Mini to “Tivo” any program I want. (And/or save permanently to my iTunes library. Can’t do that with cable.) For the best reception, the key is to know what direction the signals are coming from (using a site like: ) then place the antenna in front of a window (not a wall) facing that direction, to capture the most signal. For the very few cable shows that are worth watching, I just buy through iTunes.

  6. I gave up cable a year ago. I decided to move my $ to other things. So, i have subscriptions to, mls soccer, and nhl online. I get to see tons of games each week. I do miss most in-market games (cable protectionism), but I hate the LA teams, generally, it’s good for me. For movies and most cable shows, Netflix and Hulu plus. Between those payments, i am knee deep in sports, movies and dramedy series, and still save 55%. Time Warner Cable can suck it.

    As for Over the air? We are lucky in LA. Just point your antenna towards the hill above Pasadena, since all of the stations come off of mount wilson. I get some 50+ channels (yes, some in Spanish, Cantonese, Tagalog or Armenian, but so what? A lot of it is subtitled). Rarely am I longing for a cabe show? pay HBO for their programming? I can wait, thank you. Cabe news? Only the owner of MDN watches Fox News, near as I can tell. CNN is crap.

    Oh well, OTA works for me. Happy New Year!

    1. I cut the cable cord over a year ago, used the savings to buy an HDTV, antennae and an Apple TV. I don’t really watch TV, so this set up more than satisfies my requirements.

      The only thing the cable company reams me for is the internet connection. Haven’t figured out a way around that yet…

  7. I wanted to ditch my cable and try OTA HD so I went to best buy to look at some antennas. I asked the clerk which ones worked best, and how many stations I could expect to get in here in Miami Beach, and he gave me a blank stare and said “I don’t know, I don’t use one” Then walked away.
    I found the article useful. Funny how few people question the relevance of political hit pieces that MDN post in order to get hits and in fighting

  8. I hate the cable companies as much as the next guy, but the thought of going back to rabbit ears and tin foil is more than I can bear. Apple needs to eliminate the cable companies by negotiating contracts directly with the networks. Whether they can pull that one off without the unsurpassed negotiating skills of Steve Jobs is another question.

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