Tracking Santa’s Christmas flight on Mac and iPhone

“NORAD’s preparations for tracking Santa’s flight path over North America this year are in place,” Charles Moore reports for TechnologyTell.

“You can receive updates from the North Pole and discover new surprises in the Kids’ Countdown Village,” Moore reports. “Santa’s elves have been busier than usual this year preparing. Visit Santa’s Village to see what’s been going on, and join in on the fun at”

Moore reports, “This year, there’s also a new iOS NORAD Tracks Santa App by Visionbox, available for free download at the Apple App Store.”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. From the website:

      “How much money is spent on this project?

      The NORAD Tracks Santa program is made possible by military and Department of Defense volunteers and through the generous support of corporate contributors who cover virtually all of the costs.”

      I take that to mean to mean any taxpayer funds, if used, are minuscule.

      1. Those “corporate contributors” are military contractors who exist because they use taxpayer funds to build weapons of mass destruction.

        It’s probably worse to plan nuclear war than lie to kids about the Santa Claus hoax.

  1. On my iPad with iOS 5.1, the NORAD Santa app frequently crashes. Besides, all it does is redirect you to the normal maps app with the search term ‘Santa’. In short, one is better served with entering ‘Santa’ yourself into the maps app.

  2. All of you sourpuss naysayers out there a great big razzberry!!! They have been tracking Santa on NORAD since the early sixties. I would rather see my taxes go for the kids (myself included in my heart) than for Congressmens haircuts and aid to China. Did anyone know about foreign aid to China? With all the subsidies that go to the rich you would deny the children this? Shame on you!

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