This is why Apple’s iPad rules the tablet market

“Satisfaction. That’s what it takes. Apple gets this. It repeats its standard procedure in each new industry sector it moves into: creating solutions which are good, beautiful and make people happy when they use them,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“Satisfaction. It’s hard to find. The Rolling Stones understood this. You get to a satisfaction sweet spot through a combination of factors, few of which are to do with Megahertz, most connected to what use you can make of the device itself,” Evans reports. “Look at the Software Usability Research Laboratory data revealed by The Loop last night: 83.65 percent of survey respondents said they were satisfied with the user-friendliness of the tablet. Nearly two-thirds of all these users (62 percent) rate the iPad experience as ‘excellence.'”

Evans reports, “What do people like most about the iPad? The apps (which make the device unique to each user), ease-of-use, screen size and portability. The mythical non-support for the dysfunctional Flash was also noted as a problem for some users, though that complaint should decline now Adobe’s killed it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “We want our dead end tech, we want our dead end tech!” The Great Unwashed scream. Because they’ve been told by marketing and certain dunce tech writers/reviewers that they should want it. Flash’s death will take awhile to trickle down to the ignoranti.

Hold on, iCal is bouncing like a freak: “At launch, the iPhone version of the Safari browser is missing some plug-ins needed for playing common types of Web videos. The most important of these is the plug-in for Adobe’s Flash technology. Apple says it plans to add that plug-in through an early software update.” – Walter S. Mossberg, talking out of his ass, July 5, 2007


  1. Adobe stopped the process due to the fact that the software they were trying to shoehorn onto a mobile device was too performance challenged. It would drain a battery too fast and crash the mobile OS. It was breed developed on the concept of mice and rollovers. In the new world of tablets that Apple brought to the consumer has basically killed flash. Death by Apple and burial by Adobe.

    1. Yet, why were there so many mobile smartphone users that said they had such a great experience with using Flash? So many companies were also bragging about how their devices were giving a much fuller experience to users with Flash than Apple was giving users without Flash. I figure that since Adobe pretty much gave up, how good could Flash have been on mobile devices. There are still mobile users that are unhappy that Flash will be going away after Ice Cream Sandwich. I’m only interested in getting the content and if something else can be used that works as well or better than Flash, I’m all for it.

      1. It’s called the vocal minority. The anti-Apple crowd would say anything to justify what in their opinion was a checkmark in the iOS-negatives column. So, while millions had a generally crappy experience with Flash on their mobile devices, a few thousand ignorant fools went and posted on forums and wrote blog posts about how Flash on mobile was great.

        You figure right.

        A former Flash designer/developer who changed careers, and couldn’t be happier about it.

      1. The majority of the respondents rated the iPad as “Excellent” (62%). A smaller percentage reported it to be “Good” (21%) and “Best Imaginable” (10%). The remaining reported it to be “Fair” (4%), “Poor” (2%), or “Awful” (2%).

  2. Technologies like Flash are exactly why Apple doesn’t do customer focus groups when trying to decide what products to create. It’s exactly why GM fell off the face of the Earth and almost disappeared. When you ask people if they want something, they’ll say yes or no – they won’t tell you how they really use a product.

    That’s the problem with customer satisfaction. Most people don’t know what it is or what they actually want in a product. It’s when a product does what they need and does it well that they are surprised and satisfied.

    That’s why Apple products succeed – Apple doesn’t view the iPhone, iPad, etc. as the product. They’re just the tools used to get the Valuable Final Product – the very satisfied customer.

    1. Sure enough! The final product. Other companies collect data points. Apple collects people.

      Far from being the snake oil salesman that the barnacles branded him, Steve Jobs made things that actually work. The hucksters like carnies moved from town to town, and could count on a fresh crop of chumps at every stop. But in a global market, there’s no place to hide—not for long, anyway.

  3. Wall Street also doesn’t get Apple’s quest for high-quality products and great user experience. They continue to push these companies that are merely trying to cut corners in order to gain huge market share. Wall Street obviously does not care about consumer satisfaction. I feel the goal of a company should be to give the consumer or user the best experience possible even if it costs more. That will usually ensure return customers and good word of mouth information to entice new users.

    1. Apple’s competitors attempt to take short-cuts to excellence.

      Rather than designing a great product that serves the needs of consumers, they try to excel by bolting on more powerful processors, more memory and other components supplied by vendors. For them, innovation means buying the latest gadget offered by component suppliers … while remaining ignorant of the ultimate end user.

  4. dear Lord Almighty! how can it get such high ratings..

    there are MULTIPLE THINGS WRONG with the iPAD!


    – The NAME is a DUD. iPad? iPaaaaa….ddd!!
    yeech. If it was built by an Android OEM it would have a classy flashy name like Ultimate Gigantus Droid Tablet X3-401 Light and it’s sister pro version the Ultimate Gigantus Droid Tablet X4-508 Extended Pro Maximum. Now with that retarded simple name iPad even the android guys are simplifying their names (unlike the phones) to Xoom etc..

    2) It’s built by Apple

    With the iPad your kids once they get their hands on it will not give it up for HOURS. with an android tablet the battery runs out QUICKLY. The Xoom although rated the same 10 hrs as the iPad has been found to run out at least 4 hours faster than the iPad in Wall Street Journal tests. That MEANS that with an android (especially running flash) when the battery gives up quickly you can say to the kids : “Hey Dad needs to recharge the battery!” Then it gives you a chance TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THE DEVICE! (Tip: when you use it yourself , do like me, just use it with an extension cord.. )

    4) It was designed by Steve Jobs and gang

    5) It’s a ROBBERY MAGNET. as reports have indicated, muggers and assorted riff raffia target Apple Devices and ignore androids etc. I’ve already recounted my experiences with the mugger ‘the Big Hairy Dude’…

    6) It’s an Apple Device

    7) It’s carried by stylish snobs who look down on people like me

    8) It does NOT NEED A STYLUS!. With old PC tablets you are FORCED to use a stylus which means you can keep the screen CLEAN of fingerprints. So although you can use a stylus with an iPad, it’s too convenient not to do so .. result FINGERPRINTS! “You’ll lose the stylus” you say . HA! Not if you tie a string to it and GLUE it to the back with BIG WAD of CHEWING GUM like I do. Now android tablets are following iPad into the touchscreen path but at least the Kindle Fire discourages too much fingering by being SMALL and unresponsive.. after a while you just give up.. wallah! Clean screens!

    9) did i mention it was built by apple .. ?

    I’ve more to say but it’s already getting to long.
    Happy Holidays computer fans, may you get an android instead of an apple device for Christmas!

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