The Telegraph’s 2012 Tech Predictions: The birth of Apple television, failure of Google+, and more

“Rumour has it Apple will launch a television set in 2012,” Shane Richmond writes for The Telegraph. “Making predictions about what Apple is planning is a risky business but here goes: I think we’ll see an Apple TV set with content delivered as iOS-style apps.”

“Catch-up TV services, streaming films from Lovefilm and Netflix and live sport from Sky could be brought together to create an a la carte television offering. Certainly, it’s unlikely to deliver everything and that will put off lots of viewers,” Richmond writes. “However, releasing a TV would encourage more providers to make their content available. I feel quite sure that this is what’s coming. The only thing I’m not sure about is that it’s coming in 2012. Even late 2012 might be too early for such a bold product. We’ll see.”

“Google+ is unlikely to beat Facebook as the world’s leading social network anytime during 2012,” Emma Barnett writes. “In 2012 Google+ is more likely to become another feature of the Google suite of web products, rather than a killer social network which can rival Facebook’s dominance.”

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  1. so pathetic, and all google wants is to be successful at something. phones=fail, social networking=fail, googletv=fail, only thing they had was they’re search engines and now Siri by-passes those, so google search…. wait for it,……. FAIL
    though I hear they’re tv’s are best on the market, wish that wasn’t true cause I’m on the market for a new tv with best possible display for around $2,000

  2. If Google is all about harvesting private data, what would you say about FaceBook?

    In all honesty, G+ is a far superior product than FB, and while you might have trouble finding friends and family there, its real focus is on creating a global society that interacts based on shared interests and such rather than closeness, and at that, it’s been highly successful. The biggest misconception is that G+ is just a FB clone. Just look at some of the awesome stuff people have managed to do with it.

    1. Google+ (Superior) vs Facebook (Inferior) = Inferior got more market share.

      Apple (Superior) vs Android (Inferior) = Inferior got more market share.

      Google need to come up with crappier or some shxt Social network product than Google+ to take on Facebook.

  3. The reality is that Google as now at its peak and will stagnate from here before a slow decline to average status….

    Numerous factors dictate this:
    Ad location saturation
    Apple workarounds Google search via Siri
    Google + is an overreach against Facebook
    New startups with quicker, faster solutions
    Android fracturing
    Google eating its partners ala Microsoft
    Dependance on Motorola going forward for hardware solutions
    Windows 8 and surprise new software with Nokia in 2012
    Decline in PC shipments as mobile prospers
    Intel failure to produce competitive mobil chips

    The list goes on and on….. convergence and a new era of computing is upon us and disruption can topple market leaders that can’t/won’t compete with the disruptors…

    Merry Christmas to all…. hope a iPad/iPhone is under your Christmas tree.

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