Ace Metrix: Apple’s iPhone 4S Santa TV ad the most effective of Christmas shopping season

“Ace Metrix tracking pointed to Apple’s Santa Claus-themed iPhone 4S ad being the most effective of the holidays,” Electronista reports.

“Out of 950 points viewers had to assign, Apple’s spot reached 652 points, or eight percent higher than the average technology ad,” Electronista reports. “The scores were based both on how persuasive they were as well as actual information, their relevance to real viewers, and whether they stood up to viewing in the long term.”

Electronista reports, “The success was partly credited to leaning on Santa for help, which 34 other commercials were following a similar route. Apple’s iOS ads have always focused on showing a device in action, however, and the new ad shows directly how Siri works.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. A lot of Santa depictions don’t have him wear glasses at all.

      Just compare a picture of Jobs with one of the scenes from the video. Every nuance from the glasses are the same. Can’t say the consume designers did this carelessly – especially when all the names from Santa’s list at the end are employees of the advertising firm. Just sayin.

    2. No, most people just enjoy the ad for what it is ; an ad. Geez! C’mon get a life. Move on. He’s dead already. There’s one thing you can be certain of and that’s that he’d laugh his ass off at such a moronic observation. Grow up. Get a hobby. You even give fanboys a bad appearance!

  1. The iPhone 4S is a backward looking phone that puts Apple in a carbonite encased stasis. The fact that it’s called a 4S rather than a 5 shows Apple’s lack of ambition with pushing the frontiers of technology forwards. The screen size is still stuck ,in 2007. The 4S shows a lack of forward thinking and a triumph of manufacturing efficiency over modern design principles. It’s a phone that’s lazy creatively and was produced during one of Apple’s periodic sleepwalks.

    1. is BLN the new Zune Tang? If this post is satirical, it didn’t even make the corners of my mouth budge. If it’s serious, this guy is seriously looping and needs to adjust his Provigil dosing.

      1. No, ZT was a satirist. It appears that BLN actually believes most of the things that he posts, and he is definitely obsessive-compulsive when it comes to smaller iPads and larger iPhones. He also has a thing about product nomenclature.

        1. Although, BLN, like John Dvorak, will occasionally get something right.

          I’m not sure whether it’s that they are on their meds, or that even a blind big will find a truffle now and then.

    2. Damn, you never get tired of repeating yourself… please go buy a 5″ Android thing-a-ma-jig, get your big screen, and try to quit boring us with the same, tired lament. iPhone 4s = Apple’s best selling phone ever… classic hardware design generally copied by others, easily used with one hand, high-res screen, fast, best and most apps, iCloud, iTunes and of course… Siri. The improvements under the hood are easily worth the upgrade, which many people besides yourself seem to agree with. Just quit whining and harping on about the latest sheet metal, unless you’re a fan of fins on fenders and other “skins” over substance.

    3. My take is that Android Forever is the new Zune Tang; and that BLN is someone who Is unafraid of deliberate provocation in the belief that insistent vocal advocacy can make a difference. There’s something almost touching in a faith that soapboxing, even in a tiresome repetitive routine, can ratchet up support for a minority cause.

      Or, I might be really reaching with this one…I don’t know…

        1. Of course you’re right. I hate it when politicians and the media have a rule, ‘you can’t change your mind.’ And some people think consistency is a great ‘rule’ even for art, which it is not. And we all know, we can be consistently wrong. But compared to people that lie, change their mind at whim, etc., consistency can be a breath of fresh air.

    4. I’d rebut your comment, but since I’ve never once seen you follow-up, I now believe you just drop these tired, repetitive turds and move on to the next article. So I doubt you even know the utter contempt in which the rest of the readership holds you.


    5. dude this IS getting old… Ok we get it you want a bigger screen… You used to be humorous and I enjoyed your posts… But lately this screen thing is getting kind of annoying .. Like a mosquito I hear buzzing but just can’t slap

  2. Compared to some of those stupid ‘droid commercials that look like a trailer from a bad SyFy (“sci-fi”) Channel “movie-of-the-week,” complete with “transforming” robots and embarrassing CG effects, this iPhone commercial with Santa is warm, funny, and “believable.”

  3. Yeah, I want a big ass phone that I need 2 hand to operate and bulges my pants, so I can impress my … oh well I wish had a girlfriend…

    Haha, my phone is bigger than yours…! Oh sh$&@ my big ass phone just rebooted’ better check on my latest mod!

    1. Boomboxes started out small and in the eighties boomboxes got huge. Then they got small again. Cell phones started out huge, rather like WWII walkie talkies. Then they gradualy got smaller. A natural assumption would be continuous elarging and shrinking. Sort of like neckties over the years. Fat and short, long and skinny. Long and fat, then skinny again. Perhaps cell phones will follow the same course… Fat and short, skinny and long, fat and long etc. in the year 2050 we will be hoisting a thirty pound phone on our shoulder when going out. This sounds much like the expanding and shrinking universe theory that has become popular.

  4. Do you kow what I love about Balmer’s Left Nut? Quoted ” Apple’s lack of ambition with pushing the frontiers of technology forwards. The screen size is still stuck ,in 2007.”
    All I have to say, Apple did not creat a Phone. What they did was took a pice of artwork, and infused it with technology to give the user an experience. That is what the Iphone is it’s an experience. You don’t have to go through 7 steps to create a call, send a text, grab and app. Sometimes simple-stupid and tried and true practices achieve better outcomes. Apple didn’t invent the wheel, they didn’t re-invent the wheel. They made the motion an experience. That’s what is lacking in the other devices.

      1. Some retard sued a popsicle maker about 10 years ago for not giving him a prize of a Harrier jet, as shown in the TV ad, after collecting enough spent popsicle sticks.

        There’s always some idiot with no brains, too much money, and crafty lawyers willing to make a quick buck.

  5. In commenting on something as unimportant as a TV commercial I do not wish to disrespect the new Apple management, for whom I wish only good things, nor do I wish to trivialise Steve Jobs’ towering legacy.
    But this commercial is very poor and I cannot believe Steve Jobs would have ever approved it. The commercial is obvious, predictable and lazy; a million creative hacks could have knocked this one out in ten minutes.
    The hallmark of Apple advertising is wit, style, simplicity; all underpinned by a strong product or brand message.
    This spot is everything Apple advertising should not be.
    Does it matter? Hopefully not, but perhaps (and here I may be – and hope – reaching for a metaphor that is not there) this does not auger well for the future. If Apple lets its Agency get away with this, then it may also mean that the really important stuff gets compromised too.
    I hope I’m wrong. Merry Christmas.

    1. It plainly and directly shows how Siri can benefit you.

      That’s how most of Apple’s ads from the past several years have worked. “Hey, here’s our product and how it might benefit you”.

      Taking a typical Apple advertising spot, proclaiming it “very poor”, and then extrapolating it into some FUD that Apple could possibly be doomed is like something out of a bad comedy sketch, one that isn’t funny because it strains suspension of disbelief too hard. No merry Christmases for you.

    2. Sorry, but you’re wrong.

      People at work were actually talking about this ad, which is the point.

      We talk about Android ads at work too, but that’s because we’re making fun o them.

      At least Santa didn’t morph into a liquid metal, karate robot!

  6. Never fails to amaze me how people miss the most obvious issue about changing a winning formula. It involves screwing your customers and the millions of iOS accessory makers.

    You have a phone of a certain dimension. Please don’t invalidate all the accessories on the market overnight, without careful consideration.

    Fortunes have been made on the coat tails of iPhones, which is one huge difference with the ever-morphing other phones and tablets out there.

    I can buy an iPhone accessory in the lowliest of drug stores or chain discount stores. Why? because Apple stays standardized on connectors and sizes and so forth.

    You better believe the after market loves Apple gear, because they can design and market stuff for it, knowing it will work today and for several more years. That is what customers demand, too.

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