I used to be a TV producer, until Apple canceled my show

“Now that I’ve switched my wife’s MobileMe account over to iCloud and upgraded her iMac to Lion, I’m belatedly discovering one of the major downsides to the iCloud launch: the disappearance of MobileMe galleries,” Jon Stokes reports for Wired.

“My parents are big AppleTV [sic] users, and by far their favorite feature of the device is that it lets them subscribe to my wife’s MobileMe galleries, so that when she uploads new photos and videos of our children to MobileMe, they can view the content on their HDTV,” Stokes reports. “So my wife’s MobileMe gallery is basically my parents’ favorite ‘channel,’ and they check it every night for new content. But as of June 2012, that channel is going off the air, and I haven’t yet come up with a good replacement.”

Stokes speculates, “The only way that I’ll recover the lost AppleTV part of gallery experience is if AppleTV gets an App Store with a Facebook gallery app or (even better) a Google+ gallery app. This almost has to be where Apple is headed with this — i.e., the parts of the MobileMe experience that are currently missing can be restored by developers and third-party services when AppleTV gets iOS-style apps.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple could also be planning to beef up iCloud’s Photo Stream, allowing greater control (albums, etc.) and then anyone who subscribes to it can view it on their Apple TV or other iOS/Mac/PC devices.


  1. excellent point
    I have been lamenting a number of MobileMe pieces that will be dropped with no replacements such as iDisk
    any suggestions besides dropbox?
    i’d like something integrated into Mac OS and iOS and hoping that Apple has something up their sleeves to be released before June

  2. I have to agree, I really will miss some features of MobileMe, including the galleries and iDisk. I wish Apple would let us have it for those who want to pay $99/yr…. or perhaps less since half of it is now free with iCloud. Maybe a letter to Mr. Cook is in order 🙂

    1. The loss of iDisk is really sad. IT makes sense for them to include online storage, as that will be a big driver for people to buy more storage.

      I kind of suspect it’s due to all the issues they’ve had with idisk over the years, and the strain it puts on their hardware. I wouldn’t be surprised if it made a comeback in the near future.

  3. An AppleTV SDK is inevitable, IMHO. With Apps, the AppleTV would instantly disrupt the set-top gaming market (controllers already exist as iPhones & iPads) and the cable television market (what if every cable channel had an equivalent of HBO Go?).

    Apple has already enlisted, trained, and properly motivated an army of developers who can bring these things (and much more) to the platform. Assuming Apple creates a 1080p-compatible version of the box, these developers would fall all over themselves creating new uses for that much screen real-estate. And let’s not forget that Siri is likely to be part of that platform as well.

    Once the “AppleTV App Store” has an appropriate amount of adoption (i.e. killer apps), imagine if Apple licenses an “AppleTV-on-a-chip” to any and all television manufacturers who might want to differentiate their commodity product with an “AppleTV Inside” sticker on their retail box.

    Apple will have instantly tapped the high-end of the worldwide television set market, without ever shipping a single set.

    Game, set, match.

  4. We are dancing around the issue. AppleTV apps! Why is Apple keeping this iOS device a “hobby”? I have the 1st and 2nd generation AppleTV. AirPlay is great on the 2nd generation AppleTV. However, what is Apple’s issue with AppleTV apps! Are they concerned that developers will show the world that the AppleTV is MUCH MORE THAN A “HOBBY”!

  5. Now that PhotoStream is available everywhere, I expect Apple will begin to add the bits and pieces. The biggest load for the servers since iCloud went live was the availability of iTunesMatch. Now that that big hump is past new features will be rolled out as ready.

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