MG Siegler: Joshua Topolsky is writing checks his words can’t cash

“Wow. Josh Topolsky is mad,” MG Siegler writes for parislemon. “And that by itself is fine — he’s clearly passionate about technology, which is great. What’s not fine is the fact that he’s way off-base in his rant. So far off-base that I need to respond.”

“First and foremost, Topolsky has decided to turn my thoughts on the Galaxy Nexus into full on class warfare between Android and iOS,” Siegler writes. “That is, he twists my comparison of attention to detail into an argument about rich vs. poor people.”

“I mean, he actually tries to do this,” Siegler writes. “One little problem.”

“The Galaxy Nexus starts at $299. The iPhone 4S starts at $199. (Both with contracts, obviously.) In other words, by Topolsky’s own standards, the Galaxy Nexus is the premium product,” Siegler writes. “It’s the one rich people will buy. It’s the one the 1% should buy.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, the 1% who occupy the leftmost side of the Bell Curve.

Siegler writes, “Topolsky seems to be attempting to leverage the newfound fervor over class warfare given the 99% vs. 1% Occupy movement to mold some sort of point. It’s ridiculous. Again, his argument crumbles before it gets any foothold because the Galaxy Nexus is $100 more than the baseline iPhone 4S. It’s the luxury player in the market.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, nerd fight! In his full takedown, MG Siegler also scores many points for pointing out Topolsky’s, and tech reviewers’ in general, disposition for insipid, Mossbergian, wishy-washiness. And, the winner, by a knockout: MG Siegler!


  1. Yeah, the whole “iPHone is for the Mercedes crowd” mantra is simply silly now. Yes, iPHone (and Apple products in general) are more “premium” products but more in the Toyota/Honda-premium-sense not in the Lexus/Ferrari sense.

    Android is more like a Ford or even a Honda AFTER it was given to the local 8th grade shop class to experiment with, add some fluffy dice, shiny spinner hubs, some shark or fire decals/paint job and a failed NOS booster

    1. I have had many cars–

      Several Hondas, which are sporty, yet economical, Toyotas, which are economic, but boring, and Mercedes-Benz, which are amazing all the way around.

      No car compares to the Benz, but it also costs more than the others mentioned.

      iPhones are for Mercedes people, but they’re for everyone else too. iPhone competition is doomed, just as the economy car makers would be doomed if suddenly they had to compete with Mercedes on price.

  2. Topolsky has always been borderline retarded (didn’t I read he’s Jimmy Fallon’s brother?) and making Apple users look bad, but now he just seems nonsensical. What’s his twitter? I wanna tell him off…

  3. I don’t think the term “knockout” is appropriate. I think it’s more likely that one had a handprint on his cheek and both were crying hysterically.

  4. To be fair, the $299 Galaxy Nexus has 32 GB of onboard storage, and a larger screen than the $299 iPhone with 32 GB of storage. So, it could be argued, from a pure tech specs perspective that it’s a better value. But eventually you have to turn the thing on, and then you discover it’s just a larger POS.

  5. I’ve ripped Topolsky apart for this. He’s a huge Apple customer, and his dalliance with Android feels like appeasement for the Fandroid crowd. He mocked John Gruber and sneered at him for having a ‘low headcount’ (despite John’s great writing, interesting ideas, and extremely popular site).

    Watch it Josh. The Verge is great, but you run the risk of jumping the proverbial shark.

  6. Reading this 2 years later is even funnier. First of all, Topolsky wasn’t making his argument from a monetary class standpoint, but more of a “cool kids” vs “everyone else” standpoint. iOS users fancy themselves “better” and assume that people who choose to use something else are doing so because they don’t know what they’re missing or are some sort of subclass of people who don’t understand the finer things in life. Obviously it has nothing to do with rich vs poor since they cost the same amount of money. Nowadays with Android gaining ground and iOS looking more and more dated, Android users are starting to look at iOS users that way. I own and use both btw, I’m not claiming any side.. just my take on this debate.

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