U.S. iPhone, iPad demand more than 40% stronger than expected

“An Alphawise survey of American purchasing intentions indicates that US iPhone and iPad demand are stronger than expected; sales will continue to outperform expectations into 2012 and should enable Apple to beat estimates next year,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The survey results, reported by Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, noted that ‘survey results and recent comments by AT&T indicate Apple iPhone shipments could reach 31-36 million in the calendar Q4 2011 compared to our model of 30 million,'” Dilger reports. “The firm models sales of 52 million iPads and 134 million iPhones in 2012, while it notes that latest survey indicates demand for 82 million iPads and 190 million iPhones next year, an increase of 42 to 56 percent above its internal estimates.”

Dilger reports, “The firm models sales of 52 million iPads and 134 million iPhones in 2012, while it notes that latest survey indicates demand for 82 million iPads and 190 million iPhones next year, an increase of 42 to 56 percent above its internal estimates.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Demand is only 40% stronger than expected if you have low expectations.

    Huberty is not the kind of analyst who fails to correct for PBAJ on a TOST analysis, so any inappropriately lowered expectations certainly aren’t from her.

  2. You people do realize that analysts are setting up Apple to miss expectations again, right? How often are Apple shareholders going to fall for this nonsense? Apple is being set up for a massive short position. No wonder why liars and cheats like Corzine are robbing investors blind. I’m beginning to think that Apple shareholders want to be taken to the cleaners. No company on the planet can meet such unrealistic projections of sales.

    I have a feeling that Apple shareholders will start feeling huge amounts of remorse when Wall Street knocks about $20 from Apple’s already pitiable share price. As it is, Wall Street is already fed up with Apple investors and their cries of how the share price should be about 30% higher. Well, Wall Street is going to give them something to really cry about when the share price drops another 5%. Give it up. No matter how well Apple does, it still won’t be enough. I’m only trying to ease the surprise when Apple fails to deliver on expectations, as usual.

    1. wise investor
      How many large cap companies do you know that have posted ~500 percent gain in the last 7 years?
      That what I’m looking at right now.
      We know the stock is manipulated but it still grows year on year. And we all know apple is the most complete organization that is beating its competitors handily in many markets
      So despite the manipulation it is a safer bet than most other investments. Compared to apple all my 401k investments suck.

  3. Again — most of the analysts play in Bull game, so they like to raise expectations. Some research agencies help them with this.

    So more accurate would be to expect 25 million of iPhone sales in Q4, with possible up to 30 million limit. Of course, theoretically, sales could be higher, but the basis should be 25 million.

  4. Huberty is correct about the increased sales numbers but overall it’s just a continuation of the constant analyst / brokerage firms’ pump ‘n dump of AAPL. The stock is just a cash cow for them. Just stay long AAPL and, yeah, it is performing better than my 401K, too }8^/

  5. The recent article by Andy Zaky at Bullish Cross really laid out the solid fundamentals that Apple have and where Apple thinks product sales will be this quarter. A lot of this is down to Cook who is a master of organization.
    Apple is such a safe bet that the brokers manipulate the stock to make money.

  6. I am a huge Apple fan and these unit sales numbers sound wonderful. But please keep in mind that nothing can grow without limit. Unit sales for the iPad and iPhone will eventually plateau (likely at a mind-boggling level, but still) after international market penetration is maximized and demand becomes driven almost entirely by replacement and upgrade (assuming that Apple continues to release compelling upgrades).

    Please note that this is *not* doomsaying. Apple could very well sell hundreds of millions of iOS units for many years to come, and be extremely successful and profitable doing so. Apple could also release entirely new products that start a whole new revolution. But the incredible growth rates will eventually head towards “more normal” levels or Apple will own the entire world in a few decades.

  7. Growth of a certain % versus just “good growth”.

    Most big corporations would settle for just “any growth” in the last 3 years.

    Apple is driven by consumers who know a good thing when they try it and they spread the word by mouth.

    No Balmerizims can top consumer driven promotion.

  8. That last para is totally redundant.
    Refs to ‘the firm’ and ‘it’ make the para almost impossible to parse.
    I’m really not keen on these verbatim reposts of reposts.

  9. “Another factor is…

    The vast majority of males in the business world barely understand the Apple phenomenon, having their heads firmly lodged in Bill Gates’s ass.”

    @ubermac Funniest thing i read all week hahahahahaaaa

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