iShorts, iCaps, and iSweats: Apple clothing circa 1986

“It is a brand that is known for its stylish sleek designs. But as these pictures show Apple hasn’t always been on the ball with every one of its products,” Lucy Buckland reports for The Mail Online. “Unearthed from a 1986 catalogue these loud designs are a far cry from the understated, simple look of Apple technology.”

“From caps to sweatshirts the Apple logo is emblazoned all over the designs, even undergoing a kooky redesign for one T-shirt,” Buckland reports. “The pictures were unearthed by a fashion blogger and although the collection mainly focuses on sportswear there are a couple of smarter items.”

Buckland reports, “The designs are a far cry from the technology giant’s founder Steve Jobs’ own fashion choices. He was famously known to sport a plain turtleneck and jeans.”

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Daniel N.” for the heads up.]


  1. 1960s and 1970s had styles to which fashion returns regularly with updated looks, inspired from these eras, but 1980s were decade of tacky clothes and hair. In terms of outer image people barely remember anything besides bad taste.

    It is not a whore, by the way — just typical image from 1986:
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  2. Pish posh. What was “cool” at one point stands little chance of being cool 20 years later. Or what’s considered cool now, would probably the laughable if it showed up 20 years early.

    Disco fashions time warped to the 50s? Tie-dye and beads from the 60s, in the yuppiefied 80s?

    “Cool” is such a moving target.

  3. The 80’s reputation for tacky hair, clothes and music is really not deserved. Not everyone wore pleather red jackets and satellite dish hair while listening to DeBarge.

    1. “Not everyone wore pleather red jackets and satellite dish hair while listening to DeBarge.”

      True – but I think that enough people did follow this to make it a fairly accurate description. Pretty much summed up a good chunk of my high school classmates.

  4. The 80’s – where obesity had yet to become the “norm”. Where actual shorts were not a taboo for heterosexual men and where men were permitted to display their knees in public and did not have to wear culottes. This extremism was largely contained within the US but is now beginning to wane.

  5. I had 3 Picasso Mac t shirts, they were awesome beefy Ts made here in the USA. Missing is the Picasso Mac boy on a bike with the words, “the journey is the reward”. These two items make up for the rest of the dreck.

  6. I still have a t-shirt with the multi-colored letters “Apple” design shown on the sweatshirts in the first frame. It’s in very good condition. Any offers?

    What I’ve always wanted was the the round metal (brass?) belt buckle from that era. There is a well known picture of Woz wearing one, standing next to Jobs, the two of them posed holding a circuit board in the Apple factory.

    For the 1983 Apple Gift Catalog, see:

    The belt buckle is on the page with the Apple ties and necklaces!

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