Apple’s iOS 5.1 beta 2 adds ability to delete individual photos in Photo Stream

“Apple on Monday provided developers with a second beta of iOS 5.1, with the latest update granting the ability to delete individual photos synced to the iCloud Photo Stream feature,” AppleInsider reports. “The latest beta is now available to members of the iOS developer program. People familiar with beta 2 said one of the newest additions automatically deletes pictures from Photo Stream when they are deleted from the iPhone.”

AppleInsider reports, “Currently, pictures taken on an iOS device are automatically synced with the Photo Stream feature of Apple’s iCloud. But if a user deletes a picture from their iPhone, it is not removed from iCloud. Instead, users must unsync their entire photo library in order to remove an uploaded photo.”

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  1. Good. I’m sick and tired of the cry babies complaining about this. I kept telling them to stop taking pictures in the bathroom trying to look cool or sexy then, or turn off photo stream. Now that Apple will add this deletion option, the narcissist can rejoice again. lol

  2. The whole way Apple handles photos on iOS devices is absurd. Why can’t I delete synced photos off my iPhone or iPad? They finally allow us to delete music and playlists off the things without iTunes, when will they get around to letting us do the same for pictures?

  3. The big question for me is, when the hell is Apple going to fix the bug that screws up the order of my playlists? They broke that with iOS 4.00, but fixed it with 4.01, so I ask why is the same bug cropping up again?

      1. I have an “All Podcasts” playlist that includes not just normal podcasts (which would be easy to sort by Release Date), but also “Albums from the iTunes Store” and custom recordings that I make from SiriusXM audio streams. I like to sort my Podcasts so that they come in order of broadcast so that I can listen to the Howard Stern Show, then the Mike O’Meara Show, then the Diane Rehm Show, then Fitzdog Radio in order each day, then starting over with the same order the next day. Typically that’s 11 hours on Monday, 9 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, 3 on Friday, and another 6½ on Saturday (for the Abe Kanan, This Week in Omerica, and Tech Night Owl). That neatly covers a 40 hour work week and drive time, but typically I’m 3 days behind release/broadcast on listening. Each day iTunes automatically adds the podcasts. I then add my recordings to iTunes. Every Friday I download Mike O’Meara’s adult-oriented Bonus Show from the iTunes store. The latter two items I need to custom sort into my list so they show up in the proper order. The problem is that iOS 5 has screwed up my ability to have my custom order display on my iPhone, everything now shows up randomly.

  4. Any number of ways, by any column you’d like. I have an iTunes store playlist ordered by date added (not the Purchased playlist) with most recent at the top but when I sync it goes to alphabetically. Same when I try to stream from my Apple TV. Annoying most definitely.

  5. Thank God they’re coming out with this. For some reason I don’t understand, my wife has doubles of most of her photos synced to the Photo Stream. This should allow her to clean it up.


  6. Please, please Apple. Before worrying about Photo stream make it possible to manage and delete more than one photo at time in the built in photo app. I bought your camera kit only to be crippled with the inability to delete more than one photo at a time from the 1000’s of photos that have taken up all the free space on my iPad!
    One by one deleting WTF are you smoking ? Is it really that hard to have a delete-all button, or fix the bug that prevents me from sliding over the pictures to select them quickly ? At least in iOS 4 that worked as not-too-painful way around to delete-all. But it doesn’t work anymore.
    And FCOL if iOS is supposed to be PC free then make it possible to delete photos and music I sync’ed from iTunes. Freakin retarded that is…

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