Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone users want Apple iPads

“A new survey from market researcher Maritz Research indicates a preference for iPads even among people that own Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows mobile phones,” Elizabeth Woyke reports for Forbes.

“The survey, which was conducted online in mid-to-late November, polled about 2,500 people across the country. Respondents were asked which of 14 tablets (from 11 different manufacturers) they would choose if they were to buy a tablet,” Woyke reports. “For the most part, they pointed to the iPad regardless of the smartphone operating system they currently used.”

Woyke reports, “More than half (53%) of survey respondents who identified themselves as BlackBerry users said they would like an iPad if they were to buy a tablet… Respondents who identified as Android phone users favored the iPad over the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab with 41% indicating preference for the iPad… Windows Mobile/Phone users exhibited comparable characteristics with 40% selecting preference for the iPad… There was one group that did show loyalty to its smartphone brand: iPhone owners, who overwhelmingly (77%) said they preferred the iPad over the Kindle Fire (8%) and Galaxy Tab (5%).”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Why would any iPhone owner want a Fire or Tab, let alone the claimed 8 and 5 percent?

    I suspect the questions, perhaps along the lines of: “Which ereader would you like to read ebooks purchased from the Amazon store”…

    1. Two possible answers to your question.

      First, it is not clear if how many of those iPhone owners already HAVE an iPad; in such a case, they may ALSO want a small tablet to use as a paperback-style e-reader.

      Second, some surveys have indicated that there in fact IS some interest, even among Apple users, in smaller tablets (7 inches or so), which Apple will (most likely) never make. Coupled with the below-cost price of Fire, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if few iPhone owners are interested in a $200 e-reader on steroids.

      1. One reason may be because they want nothing but books on the e-paper screen.

        I own an iPad AND a KINDLE.

        But I have the black and white kindle touch. I don’t like using anything else to read books. eInk is great.

        But the iPad wins hands down if I’m doing anything other than reading.

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