Acer CEO: We’re going to stop selling cheap, unprofitable crap

Acer CEO J.T. Wang has settled on a turnaround strategy for the company, one that will return it to profitability after two consecutive quarters of net losses. Acer is going to pin its hopes on the ultra book,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“And it’s going to stop peddling affordable but poorly made hardware,” Paczkowski reports. “‘We will shift our strategy to improving profitability from pursuing market share blindly with cheap and unprofitable products,’ Wang told Dow Jones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What does Acer plan to do about the cheap, crappy OS they load into every one of their PCs?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]


    1. If they quit selling their poorly made PCs, won’t they be out of the pC business.

      On the other hand keep selling the cheap monitors, so I can buy them to we can use then with our Mac Book Airs and Pros – no need for the high end Apple monitors for my kids school work and my wife’s watcing her Korean Soap Operas.

    2. You know, it’s funny but just this morning I saw a little pig with these aviator goggles on. He was just kind of flapping his front legs a bit. Nothing was really happening though… weird!

      1. They wouldn’t. If Acer was serious about manufacturing quality components Apple MIGHT be a suitable customer, but like any supplier they would have to prove it to Apple. I think the outlook is very bleak for PC makers, no matter how good you can make the hardware, you will still be saddled with a crap OS.

    1. they are complete shit i have an acer laptop i bought july 19th 2011,
      so not even a year old, used for only games facebook and rarely msn ,One usb port ceases to work, the other two it came with refuse to work with anything i put in via speakers mouse keybored nothin woks battery is shot, and unless im 10 ft away from my router i cant get wireless worth fuck
      if it where up to me acer should be wipped out of buisness and everyone who bought there b/s product should be refunded

  1. I had very limited problems with windows before I switched to Apple. Good hardware plus good sense makes for a good running PC that’s just as reliable as a Mac. I’ve got 2 PC’s that run 24/7 and I restart them once maybe twice per year.

    As a matter of fact I’ve had to stop using safari because it’s become unreliable and slooooow. Takes forever to load pages from this site. Switched to opera and the pages load in a snap.

    1. Safari is terrible! I hate to say that since most everything else Apple makes is insanely great but Safari is a dog on my wife’s 2008 iMac. Yikes! Takes forever to load pages and the SBoD drives her nuts and I’m the one who hears about it all the time when she complains that she can’t surf half the time. Guess I’ll give Opera a shot – thanks!

      1. I think you’ll find Adobe piece ‘o shit Flash is what’s messing up your safari. Since Adobe has now orphaned it, not much point keeping it around. Just uninstall Adobe’s turdware – best free performance upgrade you’ll ever get.

  2. If everyone stopped making cheap affordable PC’s, why would anyone stay with Windows? The reason they garnered their market-share was becasue of the abundance of cheap affordable PC.
    Windows is doomed I tell ya. Doomed!

  3. Only one way to make it so: Great hardware and great software.

    And only Apple has that. The company willing to comite with Apple must build its own OS and software.

  4. Translation: “We’re going shamelessly copy Apple in every way we possibly can.”

    Of course, as many have already pointed out, they can only try to match the hardware. The software is completely out of their hands.

  5. It’s not that they want to stop making “cheep – producs” – and “poorly made hardware” because they have the end user’s best interest in mine, they are just driven by profit any way they can get it.

    Something to keep in mind if you are one of their customers.

  6. instead “We’ll be selling EXPENSIVE unprofitable crap”.

    unprofitable because they won’t sell any.

    Years ago when Msft was ramming out PCs are Cheaper than Macs Ads I was laughing my head off and writing in comment sections in tech sites like ZDnet (who were praising those ads) and I said ‘msft was crazy’ . They were crazy as they were TRAINING PC users that PCs are Cheap (i.e thats the only reason to buy them) and always look at bargain prices. I said that would encourage a race to the profit margin bottom of the barrel. Apple haters flamed me all over and said Cheap PCs will kill Apple. Well the profit bottom has been reached for those PC guys and Macs are doing well and Apple is the richest tech company in the world.

    changing strategies now won’t help PC makers (look at Dell’s high end line like the Adamo) as PC users have been efficiently TRAINED (in part by those stupid Msft ads) to look for bargains (PCs are SUPPOSED to be CHEAPER than MACS! won’t buy them if they cost the same). lol.

    1. Frankly, the crop of PC and Android manufacturers should not be in the businesses at all because they are destroying the products that they are manufacturing. Unlimited cheap products are a tax to scarce resources and a danger to the environment.

      1. you bring up an interesting point

        although I really don’t wish anybody to lose their jobs in the recession I’m hard on companies like Acer also because they NEVER REALLY put the Customer FIRST.

        Jobs never wanted to put out cheap crap because he knew although initially customers might be happy because of the cheap price if he did inferior products , long term they would be disappointed because of bad user experience, break downs and low productivity using them (like the too small netbook keyboards). People might criticize Jobs for all kinds of things but he really valued the customer and thought they should get the very best (even thought very often they didn’t even know what was the best themselves)

        Companies like Acer are just in it for the quarterly bottom line – first aim to manufacture is to make quick easy profits – easy to sell cheap stuff rather than convince the customer to pay more for the best (customers are hard to convince to shell out more money). Lazy to build up quality in manufacturing and R&D. Long term that policy doesn’t work as acer is finding out.

        and like you said they are just filling up the landfills.

  7. Well at least Acer CEO listened to the conversation Steve Jobs had with Nike’s CEO where he told him to “…Just get rid of the crap.”

    I agree. The Internet, smart phones and consumers relating experiences are making it far tougher for crap products to survive.

    Go to quality or die.

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