Analyst: Apple’s best November ever saw supply chain sales spike 17%; company set for all-time record quarter

“Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities watches the ‘Apple Barometer,’ a proprietary index of various Taiwan-based suppliers that derive a significant portion of their revenues from Apple,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The latest data from the Apple Barometer shows supply chain sales up 17 percent month over month, a number well above the average 2 percent month over month growth seen over the last six years,” Hughes reports. “In fact, White said that the numbers show Apple on track to post the company’s best November in history. That would be in line with expectations, as the newly launched iPhone 4S, the hot-selling iPad 2, and growing popularity of Apple’s Mac platform are expected to propel the Cupertino, Calif., company to new heights during this holiday season.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Well, all-time record quarter was already blatantly planned in Apple’s own forecast, which always few billion dollars behind actual results. Even in “disapponting” calendar Q3 Apple surpassed their own target revenue by over three billion USD. Thus, of course, if the plan is $37 billion for calendar Q4, it is going to be record quarter.

    So the only interesting thing here is that 17% month over month growth, if it is accurate.

  2. Expect analysts to begin relentlessly pumping AAPL all the way to earnings release after they took it down based on nothing but rumors and innuendos all month last month. The pumping begins for their masters to unload the shares they stole from retail investors during the take-down last month. It’s the same old shit.

  3. Oh, please! Here we go again with the analysts pumping Apple to record sales and the best quarter ever. Every time the pumping I know that Apple shares are going to take their seasonal dive. This blatant manipulation is getting on my nerves. There are stocks that go up and they’re never being pumped like this. Take IBM, for instance. Over the past three months the stock has been quietly climbing on its way to $200 with little fanfare. Same with Intuitive Surgical with a two months climb from $360 to $440. No pumping necessary to move those stocks.

    Apple? Forget it. Pump, pump, pump. The stock will move about $5 whether the stores are packed or iPhones are flying off the shelves. Over the past couple of months, the stock has gone from $415 to $360 to $390. What kind of BS is that to be pumping. I’m not likely to see any New Year’s Cheer from Apple shareholders. Wall Street will again be disappointed in Apple’s numbers, as usual.

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