iPhone 4S in the US: AT&T vs Verizon vs. Sprint

“Apple now sells iPhones that work on three of the top four national US mobile carriers,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

Dilger takes a look at how well users can expect Apple’s latest smartphones to work on each of these mobile data networks, based on real world testing of each carrier’s data throughput.

AppleInsider has been evaluating the three carrier’s networks in a series of West Coast tests that seem to have provided fairly conclusive results on what users can expect from each network,” Dilger reports. “The tests of three iPhones on each carrier were performed in parallel across urban areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Reno, Nevada, with some rural testing performed between those locations.”

Dilger reports, “Apple’s originally exclusive iPhone partner, AT&T, is clearly the fastest US mobile network… Verizon’s data service is noticeably slower [but] overall Verizon has demonstrated functional service in more areas than AT&T, 3G or not… And then there’s Sprint… Sprint’s data service is so bad it’s unlikely you could ever get your money’s worth of data using a Sprint iPhone. While neither Sprint nor Apple have really addressed the issue directly, there seems to be something tragically wrong with how the iPhone works on Sprint’s network.”

Much, much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Note: iPhone 4S Comparison AT&T vs. Verizon:


  1. Waiting for this day…

    The iPhone on all major carriers, wherein the iPhone is the lowest common denominator and can be used to effectively compare the services of each provider.

    As the “standard”, the carriers will be forced to compete over their own offerings, rather than using phones as the distinction.

    This is how change is affected.

  2. I would say iPhone 4S on Verizon may have more coverage for voice (even though it may soun garbled), but their data certainly doesn’t work in all those areas where voice does. The lady in the video got better data use out of her Verizon iPhone 4S in Dallas than I ever have on mine in CA, AZ, NM, TX, NV.

  3. Remember the general attitude that the release of a new Apple product is followed by the realization that we wanted it but didn’t know it? It’s another way of talking about the fly happy in the vinegar jar. He’s blissfully unaware that there’a a honey pot nearby.

    In much the same way, imagine how most of the world feels about US iPhone fans being happy that the device is now usable on “three of the top four national US mobile carriers”. In New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Russia, France and any other country I have experience of, you can buy a (competing) phone and use it on ANY of the country’s national carriers.

    In this regard, Apple has been out of step for a long while. There even was a time when you could not buy an iPhone, take it abroad and connect it to a carrier in that new country. An amazing hindrance that stopped me, for one, buying one.

  4. “And then there’s Sprint… Sprint’s data service is so bad it’s unlikely you could ever get your money’s worth of data using a Sprint iPhone.”


    Proud AT&T iPhone 4S Black 64GB owner.
    At least where I roam in my life, AT&T is better than Verizon. a few spots Verizon has coverage and I lose it, but overall AT&T just works better for me.

  5. They ran the tests in 3 Californian cities and Reno, NV and I’m supposed to be satisfied with those results in Florida? How about running the same tests outside of AT&T’s core territory and then show the results.

    Verizon is dominant here and I’ve never had an issue with Sprint in this area, either.

    1. see, when the tests ARE done in a verizon heavy area…. and those of us in strong AT&T areas are supposed to be satisfied with “verizon being faster/better”

      They need to do the tests in every major city in the US, and break them down into west/east/mid so people can see who/where which carrier is better.

      Everytime I see some Verizon/AT&T comparison its ALWAYS in some place like NYC or San Fran where Verizon will kick AT&T’s ass. then we get the “AT&T sucks here, and Verizon rules!!!!! (In NYC)” articles.

      I used to have a co-worker (on Verizon) run speed test next to my iPhone 4, he’d be happy to have had the Verizon 1mb download speed as shown in the video… but he got like 600k max. while I had close to 2mb at the time.

      It’s all about the area in which you live.

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