Intel’s next-gen 22nm desktop processors for iMacs delayed

Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac, “ this week publishes some new information about Intel’s next generation 22nm Ivy Bridge Desktop Processors as well as revealing that Intel has told its partners (of which Apple is one) that the rollout would be delayed until the second quarter of 2012.”

Intel Corp. has notified its partners about its decision to introduce of its next-generation code-named Ivy Bridge processors in the second quarter of 2012. Previously the company planned to release the Core i 3000-series central processing units (CPUs) for desktops in March – April timeframe, which left a possibility to unveil the chips in the first quarter.

Weintraub reports, “Intel’s Ivy Bridge was originally planned to be released right about now but got pushed back to early 2012 back in May.”

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  1. You all remember when the PowerPC chips were not ready for the new iMac that Steve Jobs was showing off in the summer at a MacWorld. It delayed the iMac’s shipping. Soon after that, the Intel secret was revealed.

    Will history repeat itself again. You all know that Apple has a chip designing company now and the OS X is stripped down to the iOS and runs on an A5 chip (and the A6 SOON). Anything new up Apple’s sleeve? All of Apple’s software is able to jump if Apple wants to. Neat trick. A MacBook that runs all the iOS apps. I read that Microsoft was rewriting their Window Office for the iOS devices (and computers?)

    1. No I do not believe that Apple is , or will be capable any time soon of making an ARM chip that rivals Intel processors.

      The switch to Intel made perfect sense, a switch from Intel to ARM on the mac… not so much.

      1. Wrong. When the 3GHz Power PC IBM chip failed to materialize Apple embarked on a long term project to create their own chips. Intel was just a stop gap, temporary destination. Apple does not ever operate at the mercy of component suppliers when it comes to design of their hardware and software. They will leave Intel as soon as they have their own chip set, which will be soon.

        1. If they left IBM for Intel due to a 3 Ghz. PowerPC not showing up on time, then why would they move to their own ARM processor at slower speeds/lower performance?

          I fail to see what benefits going to ARM would bring them beyond a unified OS X/iOS code base, which is great for them.

          Am I the only person with this fear that they are going to merge OS X and iOS and create this super locked down dumb OS for nimrods and leave enthusiasts and power users out in the cold one day ?

          1. Just this once I’m going to waste the time it takes to explain the obvious to you. The point of the comment was not the speed of the chip. The point was that Apple did not tolerate being on someone else’s schedule and having someone else choose features they could implement. That thinking hasn’t changed. They did not buy a chip design company so that they could rely on Intel for chips and be limited to Intel’s production and design schedule, or its permitted set of features. Apple will be producing their own chips very soon.

            1. Thats kind of my point though… where is the benefit if their own processors cant meet or beat intel cpus?

              So they’ll have control over a slower architecture… big f’ing deal

  2. Ok well lets see if they change in the next year then shall we. Wont happen. Longer term who knows but a lot of development required before that option could materialise even with the processors let alone the software side.

  3. Intel is simply shooting themselves in the foot. Previous discussions included Apple buying or at least partnering with AMD.

    Intel is still a very leading edge company but Apple, as usual, is wanting to go faster then light.

  4. iMac chips delayed?! Nooooooooooooooooooo! Figures, since my ole iMac with first Intel chip is headed towards retirement after a job well done!

    Does this mean iMacs pushed back to whenever for new chips or new iMacs released in a couple of months with modest speed bumps or other slight improvements?

  5. Woohoo! I just bought a 27″ Core i7 iMac on Black Friday, delivered 2 days ago. I’ll get to enjoy the world’s fastest iMac for six months or more instead of having a new model announced within weeks. For once, I’m glad I didn’t wait!!!!!

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