Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad enterprise adoption increase despite IT concerns

Enterprise Device Alliance conducted a survey of ~130,000 IT professionals from Sept 26 – Oct 15, 2011. In all, 277 qualified organizations representing between 1.45 million and 1.7 million users responded from such companies as Duke Energy, DeBeers Diamonds, Southwest Gas, IBM, NASA, Pfizer, Banco De Brasil, Northrup Grumman, and many more.

Among the survey’s findings:
• Smartphones are broadly accepted and used most widely to access email
• Tablets (led by Apple with 75% market share) have engendered enormous curiosity (over 90% of organizations have some) but not full acceptance
• Diverse applications are driving usage models for tablets
• IT Managers see a wave of new responsibilities accompanying mobile devices.
• IT managers are just beginning to manage mobile devices.
• Mobile Device Management usage will triple in the next year
• Security issues are the major impediment to broader acceptance and tighter integration of Tablets

EDA Mac vs. Windows in the enterprise

EDA smartphones in enterprise

EDA enterprise iPad/tablet adoption

EDA iPad/tablet growth in enterprise 2011 vs. 2012

EDA Enterprise iPad deployment by end of 2012

Source: Enterprise Device Alliance


  1. You really have to wonder. The pie chart states that 3% are “Piloting a different Tablet” and that will turn into some number (about half) of what the iPad is in 2012 and it is about a third this year in the “responding organization” in the “Over 90% of the Enterprises Have Tablets” chart. What? None of the percents make any sense until you see they are not talking about units they are talking about number of responses. Again, the IT is hoping it is anything but an Apple product. So, the pie chart also has nothing to do with units only responses.

    Basically, useless information. Only thing you get is that 2/3 rds (67%) will deploy some unknown number of iPads in 2012. Good for them.

    1. At least the first two charts are useful.

      Chart no. 1:
      • notes over 40% to 1 out of 10 next year
      • notes all other non-Macs loosing market share!!!
      • wish that someone would see 2013, 2014,2015 … with this trend (it is being ignored by talking heads)

      Chart no. 2:
      • notes Android is really only about half of the iPhone. HALF!

  2. I dont know about “other tablets”. We havent found anything other than the ipad worth even testing.

    We have almost 3,000 in use now and we are testing it in numerous key business areas which I expect will lead to more deployments.

    We spent almost a year certifying the ipad for our enterprise, our onky concern is getting enough of them in our inventory when the onslaught kicks in and everyone in the company starts demanding one!

  3. I can tell you the company I am consulting for, going into my third year with are idiots. They have blocked iCloud as they are afraid that employees will store confidential data there. Meanwhile they do not block other cloud services like drop box. Typical 1970 s IT mentality

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