Sprint bulks up network for higher iPhone speeds

“Sprint Nextel believes it has a fix for the connection issues facing some of its iPhones,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“The carrier said it has spent the past few weeks rolling out ‘network enhancements’ designed to improve data speeds,” Cheng reports. “Sprint was able to determine where the upgrades were needed through a combination of its own checks and feedback from customers.”

Cheng reports, “The initial complaints of the slow data service put a slight damper on the excitement over Sprint finally getting the iPhone. The device is expected to play a critical role in Sprint’s turnaround, so the company is justifiably sensitive about any perceived hiccups with the phone or service. The company proudly touted the early strong sales during the launch of the iPhone 4S in October, and CEO Dan Hesse has said he expects to sell more than 1 million iPhones in the fourth quarter.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: SprintFeed. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike” for the heads up.]


  1. I had 4 of those initial iPhone sales and I also had 4 of the returns. I had them for 4 days. I’ll NEVER go back especially after they are trying to stick me with a huge bill for those 4 days of terrible phone and data service.

  2. I checked the Sprint data map before I moved our family from Sprint Treos to iPhone 4Ss. Our parents home is in a full 3G solid area even though the voice coverage is spotty. We knew voice was weak, Sprint had even given us a free micro-cell to make voice work. THERE IS NO 3G SERVICE THERE AT ALL. Web pages load very slowly and video is impossible. Edge service in some areas is the fastest but in a lot of town it is even slower. Downtown has no edge service! We had the phones for about about six weeks before we went for a visit and got the bad service. We will be complaining to Sprint tomorrow but don’t expect any help. Verizon was where I should have gone. Shame on me.

    1. I believe you have 30 days to return, hope you haven’t exceeded that period.
      Verizon or AT&T both are pretty similar (in my experience) in coverage- Verizon is a little better in voice coverage and clarity, AT&T is better in data coverage (and speed.)
      The kicker for me is that you can check something on the web while on the phone. (simultaneous voice and data on AT&T)

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