Apple’s Siri can now control third party apps and even start your car (with video)

“Siri can now control third party apps and even open cars thanks to clever developers and the SiriProxy,” Chris Oldroyd reports for TiPb.

“In case you missed it earlier in the week, a developer created a SiriProxy to control a thermostat and then made the code available for others to use,” Oldroyd reports. “The SiriProxy stands in between your iPhone 4S and Apple’s servers. It then intercepts Siri voice commands. This proxy enables additional commands to be added to Siri’s repertoire.”

Oldroyd reports, “Other developers have now started using the SiriProxy to do other weird and wonderful things… [including] work[ing[ alongside his car Viper system.”

Much more in the full articlem including video of Siri controlling the first third-party app, here.


  1. For me, this easy is, but native monolingual English speakers difficulty might have, like Yoda to talk and the verb always at the end to put. Anyway, it for me not useful is. With a vehicle it works, but a car I own.

  2. Ken, it sounds like you should construct your commen in your native language and have Google Translate before posting. Either that or be more serious about your comments!

    1. Mykel, a joke it is. Translation: Ken is being humorous.

      Let me help. He is intentionally constructing his sentences with the verb at the end in the fashion of the Star Wars character Yoda. He is being ironic, saying that for people who speak only regular English, reconstructing their sentences in an awkward fashion (to get a computer to understand it) might be difficult, but since he is multi-lingual, he can do it more easily since he’s used to different constructions.

  3. …but, but, but we’ve had voice activation for over a year! I mean the voice tells me to throw a chair, then I do it. The voice tells me to dance, I do it. Our R&D dept was all over this. We had it first, over a year ago. The voice says GOT IT and we made a video about it.

  4. Now I can take 46 seconds to start and stop my vehicle instead of 5 seconds and I get to look like a dork doing it… woohoo!!!

    It’s a cool extension of a proof of concept. I’ll give it that.

  5. Edburn is right. I’m being humorous. Why should I say “vehicle start” for Siri (note the verb is at the end), when in everyday life I say “start the car”?

    If there’s anyone normally gets in the car and tells the driver to vehicle start, I want to know what planet is invading us.

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