Samsung blasts Apple product fans in new TV ad (with video)

“A new Samsung commercial, set in the neverending line for a new Apple [product], is good for a laugh, but based on the long history of jeers pointed in Steve Jobs’s direction, we’re not sure it’s the best marketing strategy,” Adam Clark Estes writes for The Atlantic Wire.

“There’s a long list of both companies and comedians who’ve taken the anti-Apple fanboy approach before, whether to peddle a competing product or make a point about our obsessively materialistic American culture,” Estes writes. “But don’t they get it? This was Steve Jobs’s plan all along.”

Estes writes, “Given Samsung’s recently heated legal battles over allegedly copying Apple’s designs, some might also think Samsung looks like a sore loser, kind of like the politician struggling to catch up to the frontrunner by slinging mud. Then, there’s also a point to be made about Samsung preaching to the converted… you can’t argue that even spoofs of Apple fanboy culture only serve to highlight Steve Jobs’s marketing genius.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Proof positive that Siri-less Samsung is as crass as they are derivative.

What this ad screams to us is that Samsung is concerned with keeping the sheep they have in the pen. “Don’t wander!” That’s all this particular ad is about. Siri’s siren call has created some very restless sheep and that obviously has Samsung spooked.

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  1. I actually thought it was kind of funny… mostly the line about the guy saying he was creative and being corrected as he’s told that he’s a barista…. but then again, I’m Canadian and have no problem laughing at myself.

    1. Not many people are able to laugh at themselves, and if Samsung actually hopes to go after the Apple fans to convert them, then making them look like sheep may not exactly be the best way about it.

      1. This is NOT an ad to convert Apple fans… sorry, I am a fanboy, but I can see the strategy in this commercial. This is an ad to reinforce their ONLY customer base – the ANTI Apple/Anti-Apple fanboy brigade!

        I know we all hate it, but as far as a strategy goes, this is pretty good to shore up the customer base you do have. Remind them that regardless of who inferior the phone may actually be – at least you aren’t an Apple fanboy slavishly waiting for their next device.

        This is a COMPLETELY different strategy to the I’m a Mac and I’m a PC campaign that was tapping into the dissatisfaction and frustrations of many Windoze users….

        The aim WAS to convert PC users into Mac users, by highlighting the known issues that PC users have and letting them know there is a better alternative.

        If Samsung were trying to convert Apple fans – then YES this is a failure – but if you think this is their aim – you are displaying a level of narcissism in that you think everything is about YOU!!! (and I don’t mean just you Pedrag – I mean everyone that thinks this is about converting us fanboys)

        If you observe the ad from the point of those that HATE Apple (and if you haven’t met any of them – you are a SERIOUS fanboy that only hangs out with ONE type of human!!!), and those that actually buy Android phones because they are NOT Apple iPhones…. I think that is a stupid reason to purchase a phone, but they think the same of me. For these people – this ad is brilliant, and for those that may have bought an iPhone and not care either way – this MAY work.

        On the fact Samsung is a slavish copier of Apple’s innovation I agree, but until someone (i.e. the courts) stop them selling their product – they are here to stay.

        Anyway – my 2 cents.


        1. I agree that the commercial is a fanboy attack, but big deal. I agree that Samsung is derivative, but again big deal. I am also in agreement that is probably not a good idea to slam the iPhone community that you should hope to eventually win as customers, and that your commercial only serves up a great deal of attention to the much-in-demand products of your competitor, but again big deal. 

          To me the most eye-popping thing of the commercial was to see two people holding an iPhone and a Samsung phone side by side and I couldn’t discern the difference. Despite all the side-by-side photo comparisons by MacDailyNews, seeing them in-hand right next to each other, I was suddenly struck by how precisely Samsung had copied the iPhone. I had to go back and watch that scene again, and I still could hardly tell the difference even when I paused the commercial.

          While I didn’t previously support Samsung making an iPhone knockoff, I find I am suddenly converted into a card-carrying, rabble-rousing vigilante, that thinks we should  find every sniveling, conniving, copy-catting, patent-infringing executive from Samsung and hang them from the nearest dead oak tree.

          I’m fighting mad. I am consumed with righteous fury and filled with a powerful wrath. Just for that, I’ll show them, I’ll never buy a Samsung phone again (like that was ever gonna happen anyway). 

          On top of that, all I have to say is “Yeah right, like Samsung wouldn’t want to have a line out in front of their stores, with people sleeping out just to get their fanboy hands on an Samsung phone.” Even Microsoft has that going for them. Well they do if they give away free concert tickets. (You know, Microsoft fanboys may be cheap, but they aren’t free.)

          If I were Samsung, and I was going to rip off Apple’s intellectual property by making a cheap iPhone knockoff, I would want to keep any mention (let alone any appearance) of an iPhone far away from my attempts to lie and tell people just how original and ground-breaking my new phone really is… really.. it is… new and ground-breaking… really… trust me… would I lie to you…

      2. its to get people who would buy another mfg’s android phone to by samsung. the implied iphone mumbo-jumbo is just a subtle way to sway an already android lugging dolt to not test warmer waters, but to stay in the cold, gray waters of sam-droid.

    2. You should be proud to be Canadian as all Canadians should be. Learn about how we took Vimy Ridge on the first day. It is a prime example of Canadian innovation, quality and perseverance. We are fierce soldiers, prime athletes and brilliant scientists.
      There is nothing to laugh at being Canadian. Anyone who laughs at us are highly ignorant and no nothing about Canadians outside of clowns like Jim Carrey.

    3. Okay, for a second I thought you were gonna say, “Then again, I’m a barista, and have no problem laughing at myself”

      The stereotype of Mac users as metrosexual/gay/artists/elites/baristas is neither new nor ingeniously clever. It’s a stereotype that goes back about 15 years to the relegation of Apple to the creative core of the market (eg. Adobe, desktop publishers were the only ones using Macs).

      Congratulations Samsung for picking up on a 15 year old joke. I’m sure that all 250 million iOS users fit right in that classification, as to the 50 mm ‘weirdos’ who call themselves Mac users.

      By the way, you’re welcome for the design of the OS, the icons, etc. Really. No need to design your own stuff. Just copy off Steve.

      As an Android user (just bought my first smartphone a few weeks back, Samsung Ace..goes nicely with my iPod touch), I can tell you exactly what the stereotype is for users of your devices: cheap fucks who want a real iPhone.

        1. The Apple ads did not make fun of people. PC guy and Mac guy were actually friends. The Samsung ad is telling people they are stupid. This is like the failure of the old Apple Lemmings ad of workers falling off a cliff to the tune of Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to work we go.

          1. The I’m a Mac ads were stereotyping people, just like this ad is.

            Like it or not, this is a brilliant ad. Watch how many comments this thread gets. There are already over 3000 comments on Youtube. Effective advertising isn’t always liked by all.

            1. Wow, no. The ads were not stereotyping people. In fact it quite clearly said I’m a PC not I am a PC user. Every ad showed a failing of the PC as a platform and as a computer, not as a user. You obviously just didn’t understand the ads. Just like Microsoft.

            2. “Effective advertising isn’t always liked by all.”

              Effective advertising doesn’t make people post 3000 Youtube comments, it sells products.

              Guess what this Samsung ad isn’t likely to do?

    1. These assholes make fun of techies, first-adopters, creatives, AND baristas…then imply that bigger is better when it comes to something you have to carry around all day in your pocket. F*ck you Samsung!

    2. Well… Apple’s Mac/PC spots didn’t poke fun or belittle users, only products. Those spots personified products, they didn’t objectify users.

      Did anyone else notice that Samsung didn’t actually show the Galaxy S2 being used for anything. They tell you it’s amazing, but not what makes it so.

  2. How does this sort of advertising get them any more customers? You either alienate Apple product owners who may be potential customers or preach to the crowd who are already anti Apple… What a waste of advertising dollars

  3. Oh yeah… I just love my GSII! Like when it tells me it has lost data service and wants to roam. EVERYWHERE! And then when I tell it no, don’t roam and check the little box to not ask me again, how it asks me again 20 minutes later.
    Yup, Android is super.
    I also love the “It’s huge” comment. Yup it is huge… so huge I have to use two hands to do anything. At least the colors on the display are off… it has that going for it!

    1. I think they’ve clearly given up on converting iPhone owners. They’re just grasping at straws, trying to keep their current customers. Keep your phone, man, because It’s HUGE!

  4. Something is very wrong at sansung and Motorola. Apple has the biggest market in smartphones and tablets, so in order to atrack new customers they mock of them? Am I the only one who sees this is very stupid? And even more stupid te people who will buy their products after calling you stupid?
    Also, the last company who laugh about apple customer didin’t seek its products an ended being at the hands of google (aka Motorola)

  5. It’s an axiom of advertising that you don’t mention competitors by name. It’s seen by most people as bad taste and makes them more interested in the other product.
    It’s also not smart to pull a tiger by the tail.
    Fortunately for Samsung Apple doesn’t care enough to make a competing ad about Samsungs cheap plasticky construction, horrible touch wiz interface, lack of updates or any other support.
    Not to mention Androids derivitive nature and many other faults.
    So they basically made a commercial for teenage boys and Android fanboys which are pretty much the same thing. Not a desirable demographic.
    Finally trying to show iPhone users as hipsters while the Samsung guy is one is pretty silly.

    1. the axiom is number one never mentions number two.
      this ad looks as though it was trying to help samsungs existing customers not feel so bad when they get laughed at by iPhone owners.

  6. My wife did not upgrade to an iPhone 4 S because she was hoping for a slightly larger screen, but even she thinks that a screen size of 4.5″ to 5″ is ridiculous.

    At what point does your phone simply become a small tablet? Didn’t Dell already try this and fail?

    I believe a phone’s screen needs to be no larger than 3.75″ to 4″. If you need more screen real estate than that for surfing the web and working on the go, buy an iPad.

  7. Check out the shot of the 2 phones together at 32 seconds in, both phones look so alike in unreal. Way to go Samsung, show everyone via your ad that you have slavishly copied the iPhone.

  8. Apple is such more than a computer company than most people realize. Even Samsung realizes this! What a classy move! I wouldn’t be interested dealing with anything of Samsung. I don’t like dirty platforms, I will keep to Apple thank you very much.

  9. I’ve never stood in line to buy a product when I didn’t know any of its features. They act like the Apple “sheep” just show up for the hell of it. No, those pretty damn impressive keynote presentations that detail exactly why the device is lust worthy may have a little something to do with it.

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