Apple’s magical design studio and Jony Ive’s new toy

“The timing of both a new Apple patent application and where I was in Isaacson’s biography this past week seemed to coincide perfectly,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “While our report presents you with a brief overview of Apple’s latest toy for Jonathan Ive, the heart of this report really touches on Apple’s Magical Design Studio that mercilessly cranked out one hit after another for the past decade to the chagrin of their competitors.”

“In the bigger picture, while I may not have liked Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, there were certainly some real gems to be found,” Purcher reports. “Our report posted earlier this week titled ‘Steve Jobs Secret Meeting to explore an iPod Phone is Revealing’ covered one such gem. Another one presented here today is found in chapter twenty-six titled ‘Design Principles.'”

Purcher reports, “In context, I thought it only appropriate to point out how important, if not sacred, the design studio was to both Ive and Jobs.”

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    1. Lame cartoon… but well made… Just like they mentioned… the cartoon comes out of an empty brain like the rest of them. Just because it is about Apple the folks here will be interested to watch and then get trapped into it. How hypocryt of “collegehumor”!

  1. Yup: “Apple’s Magical Design Studio that mercilessly cranked out one hit after another for the past decade to the chagrin of their competitors.” I luv it, mercilessly!

  2. FFS noted “I hope the rest of the management can resist clipping his wings”

    Apple’s core management team under SJ has come to know and love their system of “getting it right.”

    Apples success ratio on big and small items is the envy of their industry, so I doubt anyone is going to change the core development functions at Apple anytime soon.

    In fact as near as I see it, the likes of Dell, HP and others have started moving design back in house on what was considered commodity electronics, so again, Apple led the way.

  3. TOYS!!

    exactly why I hate apple stuff, ’cause they are toys! their designer loves toys and he builds toys!

    my ANDROID phone is NOT a toy: It’s heavy it’s big it’s clunky definitely not toy-like, I have to SWEAT to make it work properly. I have to use my BRAIN CELLS to get around crapware, bugs, fight off malware infestations and exercise ‘rugged’ DETERMINATION to constantly harass the manufacturer (for months sometimes!) to get updates to the software. That’s why when I use it I KNOW it’s no toy … it’s sheer sweaty ‘manly’ work … and it makes me realize i’m a TRUE TECHNO GEEK and not some clueless dude playing with toys.

    I see Apple dumbos with their iTOYS breezing away from email to web to games without a thought… and I laugh, they’ve just got… TOYS!

  4. Thanks Andriod head. You make the case that Androiders are run of the mill loud mouth and hysterical morons. My mercedes is a toy, my HDTV is a toy and I guess you can’t distinguish between what adults consider a toy and your playpen surroundings.

    I’ve yet to read the book but appreciated learning a bit of the good stuff. I hear that the book isn’t that good. Is that true?

  5. Supposedly every product that Apple makes is considered a toy. How is the Mac Pro any more of a toy than a high-end Dell or H-P workstation? The irony is that Apple’s most business-like machine is the worst-selling in the product line-up. If the consumers want toys then sell them toys.

  6. The design studio most assuredly is sacred.

    Jony has to suffocate an angel in the studio for every hit product that he designs. And if he wants to “finally figure out a way” to improve some product; he has to remove a unicorn’s horn. All while chanting, I give apples, I give scones, help me build the worlds best phones (peculiarly, in chanting verse, he pronounces scones like a septic rather than a Tommy).

    It’s very hypnotic to see this in person…

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