UK’s Chief Rabbi ludicrously blames Apple’s Steve Jobs for helping create selfish society

“Lord Sacks said that advertising only made shoppers aware of what they did not own, rather than feeling grateful for what they have,” Jonathan Wynne-Jones and Martin Beckford report for The Telegraph.

“He insisted that a culture in which people cared solely about themselves and their possessions could not last long, and that only faith and spending time with family could bring true happiness,” Wynne-Jones and Beckford report. “The Chief Rabbi’s comments are likely to raise eyebrows because he singled out for blame Jobs – the co-founder of Apple who died last month – by likening his iPad tablet computers to the tablets of stone bearing the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses.”

Wynne-Jones and Beckford report, “Speaking at an interfaith reception attended by the Queen this week, Lord Sacks said, ‘The consumer society was laid down by the late Steve Jobs coming down the mountain with two tablets, iPad one and iPad two, and the result is that we now have a culture of iPod, iPhone, iTune, i, i, i. When you’re an individualist, egocentric culture and you only care about ‘i,’ you don’t do terribly well.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs tabletsAdvertising’s function is to describe or draw attention to a product, service, or event in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance, not to spread grateful feelings of Thanksgiving among God’s wonderful children.

Now that we’ve got the semantics settled, more importantly: Neither Steve Jobs nor anyone else who creates products for sale is to blame for self-centeredness and/or materialism. The blame for that lies with parents, teachers, and, yes, rabbis and their ilk. If all your kids care about are iPads, Mercedes, flat screen HDTVs, and McMansions, then you (parents, teachers, rabbis, etc.) failed your children. Not Steve Jobs.

Let’s apply the esteemed rabbi’s “logic” to another case in order to test its validity. We’ll use one he should know: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” Applying the rabbi’s “logic,” when the rabbi encounters someone who covets his neighbor’s wife, the rabbi would have to blame God for creating her.

Dear rabbi, your logic sucks.

Who’s to blame? Look directly in the mirror, buddy boy.

Finally, regardless of who deserves blame, why does a so-called man of faith feel it’s proper to publicly piss on a dead man’s grave?

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        1. i wonder if Steve had been Jewish if this Rabbi would have made these observations and subsequent comments.

          i work, i support my family, i pay taxes, i donate, i buy products that support others and their families.

          RiP SJ.


    1. This is typical leftist thinking– you’re supposed to be grateful in your poverty as the socialist government takes all the productive results for the profit of themselves and their friends.

      Capitalism is oriented towards the future and provides a society whereby everyone is much better off… the “poor” have no fear of being without food, and in fact get large screen TVs which they are easy to afford because by todays standards they are rich.

      Socialism creates poverty, and capitalism creates wealth– FOR EVERYBODY.

      Peddlers of socialism decry capitalism, and blame it for the results of socialism. This “rabbi” is arguing against the mind, against freedom, and against an end to poverty.

        1. He is aiming at the wrong target. In fact he should know who is the king of advertisement: Google. Google sponsors the freetard society which is greedy and irresponsible. This group of people thinks that they can get free lunches for no effort. They think that others should work and give away the fruits of their labor for free. This group of people are also overtly idealistic and quixotically utopian. They seems to believe that the world populated with bleeding hearts and starry-eyed individuals will solve all mankind’s problems. They take their religion of “free” to ridiculous height and inveigh successful people for their deficiency and inadequacy. I can equate such people as grasshoppers who do not work but play in summer and die in winter, as against the ants who labor the whole year long.

          So rabbi get off your small-minded, blinkered approach and see who is the real culprit in your make-believe world.

      1. “Socialism creates poverty, and capitalism creates wealth– FOR EVERYBODY.”

        Exactly! That’s why everyone here in the U.S. is doing so well, and absolutely no one is going without. Once again you’ve given us a shining example of your brilliant ideology and thinking.

        1. Compared to most of the rest of the world, nobody in the U.S. is going without much of anything.

          You fscking Americans need to get out more. You have no fscking idea how good you have it. Even the poorest of your poor are rich in most places in the world.

          Hopefully, the more you gravitate to Big Government Socialization like Europe, the more miserable you’ll become.

          You had the formula (rugged individualism, American exceptionalism, entrepreneurial spirit), but you’re losing it rapidly.

          The more “Obama-ized” you become, the more misery you’ll have – and that makes me glad.

          If you’re so stupid as to kill the golden goose, you deserve nothing but misery.

          1. You are very right. I worked in a welfare office here in California. Most of our clients (these are people without jobs mind you, or any way to support them selves) had cell phones, manicured nails and fancy hairdos. Some even had a nicer cars then my self and I was working full time for well above minimum wage.
            Almost no one in America today goes hungry unless they want to. There are a number of government programs and privet charities that care for those who are without means.

            1. “Almost no one in America today goes hungry unless they want to.”

              you actually believe that?

              Just because you have some anecdotal evidence that fits your narrow mindset, does not make it the case for majority of people.

            2. Actually, and this is a fact, only the mentally ill or incapacitated or drug addicted go hungry in the USA today.

              If you are going hungry, there are programs up the fscking wazoo for you – many overlapping, wasteful programs that are in dire need of streamlining.

              That said, if you are going hungry right now, and you are a U.S. citizen (or just play one in everyday life), go here:
     Food Assistance Programs.

            3. “rhetoric.assassin”, my knowlege is not based purely on anecdotal evidence but on knowlege of all the programs we have for people to keep them from going hungry. I acquired this knowlege over 10 years of working for the county welfare office.

              Although I rarely agree with “First in 2010, Then in 2012” he is right in this case. For the most part, the only people in America who starve are those who are so mentally ill or strung out on drugs that they can’t get them selves down to a local welfare office or food closet. There are odd exceptions to this (for instance the underage children of said mentally ill and/or drug addicted people who starve because their parents can’t/won’t get food for them). For the most part though, if you’re willing to avail your self of the myriad of programs out there, you will not starve in America.

          2. “You fscking Americans need to get out more.”

            You may be right. How about letting me know where you’re located? I’d love to listen to more of your ideas in person, although it might be difficult to understand you while I’m choking the living shit out of your pansy ass.

          3. You are not a very intelligent person. Perhaps more accurately you’re not a well informed of the state of poverty that resides in the United States.

            People do go hungry here, not by their choice. Some suffer from mental illness, others from addiction. But a number, a growing number, are plain and simply broke.

            Add to that not being able to afford enough food, not having shelter or facilities for personal hygiene.

            We are not proud of the fact that America has homeless but it’s an inescapable fact of life.

            I worked in Washington DC for a while and one morning after it had heavily snowed I came up out of a Metro station and walked past one of the grates. There on the grate was a homeless person who had spent the night sleeping on that grate, they sleep on them because the air coming up is warm and melts the snow, and while the grate was clear of snow the man who had slept there was covered in snow.

            Most of us do have more than we need in this country. It’s a testament to the work we do, but more to the choices we make.

            Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there aren’t people who live in this country who have no choices at all.

      2. But there are poor people without food and tv, there is poverty in capitalism, capitalism is a specific thing, leftist is generic without definition and not the opposite of capitalism and you contradicted yourself by saying “poor have no fear of being without food… Capitalism creates wealth – for everyone.” there would be no poor in capitalism if it created wealth for everyone.

        Incidentally, there is no mention of socialism in the article.

      3. As a society, we should be seeking a balance. Unbridled capitalism is not a virtue – “everyone” is not much better off and some people do have problems with shelter, food, and medical care. In addition, capitalism tends to be short-sighted with no care for the long term welfare of society or the environment. Neither is socialism the answer, because it accentuates some of the negative aspects of human nature and drags everyone down as a result.

        Engineer, you appear to believe in a binary world – everything is 1 or 0, left versus right, capitalist versus socialist, etc. That is a fundamentally flawed and illogical viewpoint.

      4. You’re kidding, right? What political party is currently trying to regain the US presidency on the theme that millionaires and billionaires are too hard done by and deserve welfare from an already strapped federal government? Hint: it’s the anti-science, reality deficient party of demagogues like Bachmann.

  1. says the freeper class of institutionalized tax free businesses collecting money for an invisible man that apparently needs terrestrial currency for what reason was it again?

    that’s always fun to listen to a holier than thou creeper insulting the same people he expects cash payments from every Sunday for his lifestyle

  2. Of all people, you’d think a rabbi would know better.

    (in the Bible) A goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16).

  3. I think think the Rabbi is a little grumpy after buying his Galaxy Tab…and realized that it is not as good as the iPad.

    Actually maybe the Rabbi should crap on Google’s Android by saying maybe this is what is wrong with the world….stealing other’s hard work.

  4. Does anyone really listen to a group of sicophantic control freaks disguised as do-gooders?

    The good rabbi should focus his problems on the palenstine conflict. I mean stop being so selfish and let the palestinians live in the hazard strip. Why so selfish and carrying over possessions like land? It’s only a piece of dirt. You’d think after 2000 years, you selfish mofos would have worked something out.

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