Vietnam issues Steve Jobs commemorative calendar

“A local book company has published a New Year Calendar 2012, entitled ‘Be hungry – Be foolish,’ [sic] a famous statement by Steve Jobs, in order to commemorate this talent,” Hoa Binh reports for VietNamNet Bridge.

“The calendar includes 14 selected pictures which feature the most memorable moments in the life of Steve Jobs,” Binh reports. “Each picture goes with a famous statement by Jobs, in English and Vietnamese.”

Binh reports, “The 14th page of the calendar features Jobs’ life since 1976, with 56 small pictures.”

Check out the calendar’s Steve Jobs photos and quotes here.

MacDailyNews Take: Um, it’s “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

(The mistake may only be in the article, not the actual calendar.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]


  1. Sounds like a publisher has issued a calendar, not Vietnam. Looks like a cool calendar, but it’s not like an official commemoration from another country. Just goes to show how a headline can reshape the truth of an article. Should have read something like: “From Vietnam: Steve Jobs Commemorative Calendar”.

  2. In fairness to MDN, they were just using the title of the original article. And the “be hungry – be foolish” was in the original article.

    As the old saying goes: “I don’t make the news, I just report it.”

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