Apple investigating remaining battery life issues after iOS 5.0.1 update

“‘The recent iOS software update addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced on their iOS 5 devices,’ [Apple Inc.] said in a statement given to AllThingsD. ‘We continue to investigate a few remaining issues,'” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

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  1. One of polls says that the issues were solved for about half of these who had them. Others feel the same.

    Obviously, this is annoying as hell to these who still experience the problems.

    At the same time, there are many on Apple’s support thread who say they want 2-day charge life for the phone instead of 15-hours life, but this wish does not really seem to be realistic considering the heavy use of smartphone functionality.

    So both objective problems and subjective perception pile up.

    Not good, Apple, not good.

      1. yeah I keep getting the Password request for mail on my iMac. just like in the first few days iCloud launched. (which had problems a few times)

        not too worried, I shut Mail down and restarted it. worked fine.

  2. Hey guys, you could always trade your iPhone in for the new Motorola DROID RAZR. It gets a whopping 2.5 hrs of battery time when using Verizon’s LTE or 4G or whatever they are calling it this week.

    Of course, we don’t even hear a ripple of bitching from that side of the house!

    1. That phone is a joke.

      When I heard they were making a DROID RAZR I thought “Interesting.. they are going to update the old RAZR design and make a modern Android phone with it”….

      I was honestly expecting a flip phone like the original RAZR, which if you ask me might have been cool if they did it correctly.

      I would have possibly been interested, at the worst saying “hey cool concept” but instead Moto delivered just another brick with a big screen.

      Its annoying but the whole ‘smart phone’ craze has had one bad side effect… every f’ing phone is nothing more than a slab now… its like no one has any creativity for the phone’s physical dimensions or how it actually ‘feels’ in your hand. They are all Computers first and phones second.

      NO THANKS.

      1. I must say the Droid commercials are kinda nice. Different from the basic Phone ads that everyone else makes.

        still wouldn’t buy one though..
        when I saw Razr I thought the same thing, Flip phone.

        I have no idea what it’s called (don’t really care..) But I walked past the cell phone area at Walmart and saw a new Flip phone Blackberry. Was a non working mock-up, but it looked nice.

  3. The iOS 5 update a while back turned my iPhone 4 from one which would hold most of its charge for days into a phone with four- to five-hour battery life even when idle. After changing several location services settings, then turning them off entirely, removing and reestablishing accounts in Mail, and doing lots of other undoubtedly superstitious behaviors recommended by various others who sounded like they might have solved their problems, I finally got it to run almost a whole day most of the time–even with an hour or so of use (when I could sometimes get two minutes out of each percent of battery). Installing iOS 5.0.1, with all its promised battery life fixes, has returned the phone to having about 20% battery drain per hour when idle. The phone also loses about a percent each minute or so in use. I now must keep it on a charger whenever I am away from home or my desk.

    I think this update did not do all it was supposed to.

    1. How instant is instant? I have enormous battery drain on my iPod touch 4G which I have had for 6 months. I have to put it in airplane mode or it will suck down overnight completely idle.

      That was version 4. Version 5 isn’t any better. Is 6 months instant enough for you?

      1. something is not right there..

        have you ever tried to reset it, set it up as a new device and put your stuff back on it manually?
        may not fix it, but sometimes thats what it takes to “cure” odd issues. My iPhone never had any battery issues, but I did have an autocorrect issue once.. worked everywhere, except Safari… nobody could figure out why, complete restore and setup as a new device fixed it.

        Annoying but it worked.

  4. Psychology? I wonder if folks who notice things, what ever they are, pay attention to them when some other factor changes . . . like software updates. This triggers us to look more carefully and then if we want to blame someone for an existing worn battery, we have a scapegoat (with deep pockets).

  5. One tip I’ve discovered is: always pocket your device with the screen facing *away* from your leg. Stops the residual charge from draining out of the touchscreen leading to “dead screen” when you want to answer an incoming call. That phenomenon when you’re madly trying to swipe the bar but nothing’s responsive for several seconds.

    1. Never had that problem, either with my current iPhone 4 or with the previous 3G I had. I always pocket it into my shirt pocket with the screen facing my chest to protect it from accidental bangs damaging the screen.

      My screen is always responsive immediately, unlike the Blackberry my work issued me, the Torch. Damn thing ALWAYS takes at least three seconds to respond to a touch, whether just coming out of the holster, or after sitting on the table for a while. Piece of junk.

      My iPhone, on the other hand, is a jewel to use.

      1. My brother in law has a Torch (2 i think) that his work gave him.
        He always complained about having a touch screen phone, I just figured he didn’t like change… He liked flip phones.
        He did like his BB Curve he had before the Torch, after he complained for months about it. lol.

        I played with it a few weeks ago.. Holy crap! I see why he hates it. Cheap ass screen, the whole thing pushes down and clicks when you touch it. (and yes slow to respond)
        Hard to explain if you have never actually had your hands on one, I knew BB went to hell after the iPhone (and Android honestly) came out… but OMG I did not know how bad they have become.
        I gave up trying to type a simple text on it.

        I always said if I couldn’t have an iPhone ever again… I’d go back to BB. I don’t know if I could anymore. At least not any of their touch based phones.
        “total and utter crap” is an understatement.

        and he has turned in the paperwork for a new phone, They have added the iPhone to the company phones. He doesn’t know which iPhone (3GS/4/4S) but he will soon join the real smartphone crowd. 😉

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