Apple iPad out in first round as Lenovo ThinkPad tablet wins ‘2011 Tablet World Series’

“The [online poll] votes have been counted and we have a winner in the 2011 Tablet World Series,” Laptop Magazine reports. “Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet takes the crown with a commanding 63 percent of the vote to the Sony Tablet S’s 37 percent share.”

Apple’s iPad 2 was eliminated in the first round by the ASUS Eee Pad Slider.

“With strong features like a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display, support for enterprise-level security software / encryption, and an optional active stylus, the ThinkPad Tablet simply dominated the game this weekend,” Laptop Magazine reports. “Users were undoubtedly also attracted by the ThinkPad Tablet’s productivity-centric software, including its note-taking app and file manager. Full-size USB ports and SD card slots also helped the ThinkPad tablet’s case.”

Hilarity ensues in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: In related news, after Brooklyn Decker lost to the reanimated corpse of Bea Arthur, Ed Asner was crowned Miss America 2011.

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      1. Ed Asner is no communist, and I wouldn’t care if Brooklyn Decker was. Or Ed, either- he’s no dummy.

        I’m becoming increasingly concerned that the amateur techs and would-be political science majors of the country are so far off base. Both CR and Laptop used to be taken more seriously in the past by… well, me. I can’t believe how repulsive they now are in their ignorance. I’d prefer greed to BS. It’s more reversible than stupidity.

        1. “Ed Asner is no communist,”
          Technically, no, he is a hard core Socialist that has never shied away from his politics, for which I give him kudos.

          I’ve been a fan of his ACTING from MTM, Lou Grant, Rich Man, Poor Man on through his Santa portrayals and “UP”.

          But still, his politics suck to me.
          Sorry the humor was lost on you.

          1. Actually, Ed Asner kept his politics to himself for most of his career. Only in the last 15-20 years or so (long after MTM and Lou Grant) did he go public in his feelings.

            And he’s neither a Communist nor a Socialist in the true sense of the word. But he does support worker rights, the right of individuals to access health care and opposes US involvement in the internal affairs of other, sovereign countries.

            To me, that makes him a hero.

  1. “With strong features like … support for enterprise-level security software / encryption”

    In other news, the Nigerian submarine design took first place over the British submarine design, because the Nigerian submarine comes with support for screen door repair kits, whereas the British submarine does not even have a screen door.

    1. You forgot to mention that torpedoes fired from the Nigerian submarine reach around and bang it on its screw, which to some Windows nerds is the ultimate accolade. Which is why the British submarine tends not to fear the Nigerian one because its torpedoes hit home all the time. Witness all the Android wrecks lying about at the bottom of the Google pile.

  2. Didn’t the Zune take top honors above the iPod a few years back at CES or something? They actually said the added weight and thickness was a selling point. Go figure. The things change…

  3. What’s a Thinkpad Tablet? Has anyone actually seen one?
    I haven’t seen ANY tablets in months, just iPads.
    “There is no tablet market. There is an iPad market”

  4. I’d say this set of polls is the result of the same kinds of actions as happened to InfoWorld’s polls a while back with regard to the readers voting for the best OS. Year after year OS/2 won. It even turned out that there were more votes cast for OS/2 than were ever actually shipped! After some investigation, InfoWorld found out that the people supporting OS/2 had figured out (and spread it around to the OS/2 supporters) how to stuff the ballot box.

    I suspect something similar here.

  5. The best way to count votes is by sales. That means it includes tech savvy people and people who don’t know much about technology. The iPad is clearly the worlds best Tablet (Yes i know its not a tablet)

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